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TheOfficialProfileOf: Find Social Network Profiles of Celebrities

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With the increasing popularity of Twitter and Facebook, it’s now very common to find several accounts of one person. In most cases only one is the official account and the others are fakes (as in the cases of the Dalai Lama and Steve Jobs). These fake accounts are usually created to reserve Twitter user names or popular services and later sell them. But how can we recognize an original account from a fake one?

TheOfficialProfileOf allows you to find social networking accounts of your celebrities without having the job to find them one by one, or worse, finding if it’s an official profile or a false. It relies on a search engine that scans it’s growing database of characters to find all Facebook accounts, Twitter, Official website, IMDB, etc.

You can use the search engine directly from it’s homepage or go to the browser area where you can browse through specific categories of celebrities (including actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, comedians, models, politicians, etc..). You can also view the new celebrities who have been added to the list.

The site provides a free service and requires no registration. It’s also available in several languages, including English, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, etc. (using the translation engine Google Translate). Lastly, it’s also integrated with Facebook and is able to collect the latest Internet articles related to the celebrity.

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