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Mocknow vs Frame Box Mockup Tools – Wireframing Gems Compared

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There are amazing tools that developers have come up with and they make your mockup tasks simpler and efficient. Mocknow is one of the best tools that allow you to manage your online business in an incredible way.

As a designer, this tool allows you to run everything in a smooth and professional way. It is also a great tool for freelancers and bloggers.

Mocknow vs Frame Box Mockup Tools

Mocknow Features

Mocknow is one of the tools to consider. It is a wonderful and light wireframing tool and it offers all the features you need to add wings into your creativity.


  • Mocknow offers more flexibility. It offers you freedom to create your own mocks. This means that there are many creations you can adopt.
  • The other feature that sets Mocknow aside is that it is completely secure and safe. You have your own URL unlike other mockup tools where you can share URL. With Mocknow, you can utilize your URL and share it at your own convenience.
  • Mocknow is also a free service. It has been developed to provide the best wireframing services free of charge.

  • It also allows you to explore a wide range of items including text, images resource and hyperlink. These items can easily awaken your creativity for the best mocking experience.
  • What’s more, you get to enjoy 24hr customer support when using Mocknow. It is also easy to use because you only need to drag mock items to create your own mock. You can also forward your URL to a specific designer or client who will be rocked by your imagination.

Framebox Features

Frame box on the other hand is an easy and fast frame sharing tool. You only need to drag items for you to build up a mockup. It is also based on javascript and you do need plugins when using it.

Frame Box Org

  • It is available free of charge
  • It is ideal for simple wireframing unlike Mocknow that can be used to perform complex tasks.
  • The mockup tool is also designed in a way that allows you to use a unique URL. Therefore, you can easily share documents online. What’s more, you get to share document in a safe and secure way.
  • The tool also allows you to give different and exciting titles to your elements. It is a good and free solution that allows bloggers and freelancers to build simple wireframes and give unique titles to their elements. Note that a description in your elements helps to explain each function and it is a feature that makes Frame Box an incredible mockup tool.


Generally Mocknow and Frame Box are highly functional mockup tools. You only need to define your needs to settle for the most ideal. However, Mocknow can accomplish more complex wireframing tasks while Frame Box is designed for simple Wireframing tasks.

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Web Apps Online Radio – You Are the DJ!

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Spreaker’s open platform enables you to host and listen to thousands of radio shows. By registering for free or logging in with a Facebook profile, anyone can become a radio host. No downloading is required and the service is free.

Based on User Generated Contents, Spreaker allows you to create and share your own radio show offering you different services:

  • A DJ console for mixing your voice with music tracks and effects,
  • An online library of music with thousands of tracks, including Creative Commons, that can be also increased by your own personal audio files,
  • All the facilities for sharing your radio show so that can be transmitted from blogs, Facebook, Twitter and all the major social networking sites. Moreover, An App for iPhone and iPad has been released allowing users to listen to shows on the go.

Thanks to its features, Spreaker is the easiest way to communicate and exchange your ideas and you knowledges! And once you are part of it look forward to talk to the word: hands your audio files over to your listeners using the social networking community themed around the application.

Spreaker You Are the DJ
What makes Spreaker different from the other applications is the crowsourcing perspective, the user is lively involved into the improvement of the app’s contents. With your own passions reach out all those who could be interested: users can search for a topic that they find interesting and start listening.

And if the Freemium solution is not enough for you, you can Upgrading to Spreaker Premium that allows the shows to be recorded in 3 hour slots and the music library uploaded with a total of 60 hours of music.

Click through, get to know the site and spread your voice!

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TheOfficialProfileOf: Find Social Network Profiles of Celebrities

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With the increasing popularity of Twitter and Facebook, it’s now very common to find several accounts of one person. In most cases only one is the official account and the others are fakes (as in the cases of the Dalai Lama and Steve Jobs). These fake accounts are usually created to reserve Twitter user names or popular services and later sell them. But how can we recognize an original account from a fake one?

TheOfficialProfileOf allows you to find social networking accounts of your celebrities without having the job to find them one by one, or worse, finding if it’s an official profile or a false. It relies on a search engine that scans it’s growing database of characters to find all Facebook accounts, Twitter, Official website, IMDB, etc.

You can use the search engine directly from it’s homepage or go to the browser area where you can browse through specific categories of celebrities (including actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, comedians, models, politicians, etc..). You can also view the new celebrities who have been added to the list.

The site provides a free service and requires no registration. It’s also available in several languages, including English, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, etc. (using the translation engine Google Translate). Lastly, it’s also integrated with Facebook and is able to collect the latest Internet articles related to the celebrity.

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Create Puzzles Online – JigsawPlanet

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At the website JigsawPlanet you can create online puzzles from your own images or photos. It’s a fun application used for entertainment and fun to share it with friends.

JigsawPlanet lets you create your own puzzles with the picture that you upload. However, you can choose from images offered to you on the site. You can also access the puzzles created by other users.

JigsawPlanet Puzzle
In order for you to create your own puzzles you have to upload the picture that you desire. Then you put a name to your puzzle and choose features such as number of units and format of the pieces. You can also choose the level difficulty, so that your puzzle is simple or complicated. And that’s it, simply enjoy connecting your own puzzle or challenge your family and friends.

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