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Best 5 Android Security Apps

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In trying to convince you to keep your Android phone secure, I could conjure up all kinds of scary stories. Think burglars tsunamis, your personal browsing history in the hands of your worst enemy (!).

But really, I’ll propose another reason: Keeping your phone secure can actually make your life easier. I’m not just talking ‘easier should the worst ever happen.’ I mean, you’ll find day-to-day operations work better and you can get solve some everyday problems by using these apps.

MyBackup Pro

This popular backup app works silently in the background to upload your most recent files, settings, apps, and more into secure cloud storage. (You can also copy the information to an SD card.) So if your phone were ever destroyed or lost, you would still have your valuable data readily accessible, including your most recent files.

MyBackup App

But you know what? I’ve occasionally used this service to retrieve a file from its storage onto a PC. It’s not the most convenient way to do that, but it’s an option in a pinch. Plus, when my husband and I acquired new HTC phones from T-Mobile, we were able to easily import our previous phone’s settings.

Android Lost

We’ve all heard stories in the news about clever smartphone owners who found their stolen phones thanks to apps like Apple’s Find My Phone. Android Lost offers the same functionality and more, so you can see where your lost phone is and remotely wipe its data.

Android Lost App

But that’s not all. With this app installed, you’ll always be able to find the phone that you accidentally left under the sofa covers. Just set Android Lost to beep (from a PC), and you’ll find your phone in no time. I personally use this feature way more than I’d like to admit.

Postman: SMS Spam Blocker

SMS spam is one of the most insidious new trends. We’ve all received unsolicited text messages lately telling us we’ve won a million dollars or to sign up for some debt reduction plan. Not only does this cost us messaging fees, it can lead to malware or fraud.

Postman SMS App

With Postman, however, you’ll be able to stop SMS spam from harming your phone. Plus, you won’t be interrupted by unwanted messages. Your life will be just a bit easier.

LastPass Password Manager

Ugh. We all hate having somehow keep track of passwords for all our online accounts. LastPass is a wonderful, multi-platform password manager that creates, stores, and autofills your logins.

LastPass App

With LastPass on your devices, you won’t need to worry about creating logins or even filling them in. Just let the app do it for you. As a bonus, LastPass also stores your personal and financial information, so you can fill out lengthy website forms in just a few clicks. You’ll be amazed at how much time you save.

Smart Lock (App/Media)

Speaking of passwords, many Android apps that connect you to online services (e.g. social networks, banking ) will keep you logged in, so you don’t need to reenter your password over and over again. That’s convenient, but not always a good idea. The converse is to require that you enter the unique password for each app that connects you to online accounts, but that’s incredibly inconvenient.

Smart Lock App

As a compromise, you can set your sensitive apps to automatically keep you logged into their services, but lock them behind the app Smart Lock. You can set all of these apps to require the same Smart Lock password, so you’ll have security without as much the hassle.

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How To Blog on The Move With Your Android

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If you have a blog, you know how important it is to be able to publish your content no matter where you are in the world. It may be a great story about your grocery trip or a funny picture that you took of something, your readers are always waiting for your latest post and you need to be able to deliver it to them. Well if you own an Android device and you have a strong mobile broadband connection, you can easily blog straight from your phone. With some of the great apps below, you will never be disconnected from your readers again.

Blogging with Tumblr

If you own a Tumblr blog, you can easily post to your blog using your Android device. Tumblr has an official application available to download for free from the Android Market. The app allows you to do everything you can do on the desktop, except the Tumblr Ask function. You can upload videos, pictures, text, and anything thing else you want to share with your followers. You can even video blog with the application. You’ll be able to shoot the video and directly upload it from the app. There is another Tumblr application MyTumblr that supports Twitter integration, so you will able to let your followers know you have a new post. Both applications also have support for people who have multiple blogs on their Tumblr account.

All-in-one Solution to Blogging with Android

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution? If you said yes, then you should definitely check out a great application called Moby. Moby is a free application that can post to any blog site and social media site. It supports Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Flickr, and Tumblr. You will be able to instantly share everything across your blogs and your social media sites. It does require a stronger mobile broadband connection to support mass uploading to multiple sites. The only downside is that the application can be buggy at times. Another great all-in-one application is called Pixelpipe. Pixelpipe is one of the highest ranking apps on the market at the current time. It supports YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, all of your favorite blogging sites, and more. It’s quick and easy to use and you will never find yourself frustrated with the application.

Blogging With Your Android in WordPress

WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world. The folks over at WordPress created a simple application that is free on the Android Marketplace. You will be able to view comments and reply to your readers without any trouble at all. You can also quickly blog some simple content to your blog. The major downside is that the application does lack the ability to work with multimedia. You will need to use the desktop version or another application if you want to post pictures, videos, or music. If you need something that supports multimedia uploading, you will need to look into Moby or another blogging application.

Blog With Your Android
How to Blog on the Move With Your Android

We all love creating content and sharing it with people who have the same interests as us. Blogging is the best way to fulfill that love on the internet, and it’s really easy to get started with. With these great apps, an android device, and a mobile broadband connection, you will be ready to start delivering mobile content to your readers. The best thing is most blogging sites offer an official application that you know is going to work without any problems.

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Droid Kungfu: An Android Virus That is Able to Avoid Antivirus

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The first virus for Android was called DroidDream, but now a new virus has been discovered, the Droid Kungfu, which has the ability to go unnoticed by the Android antivirus.

This new malware is able to avoid the defenses through a “backdoor” or also known as Trojan behavior, after infecting the device it can take control of the functions of the device, including user’s personal data. Droid Kungfu was discovered by U.S. researchers who immediately gave notice to Google.

Andorid Virus Droid Kungfu
At the moment only two devices were reported infected, and both are located in China. Google on their behalf have announced that they are working to identify the scope that the infection has caused and have a better understanding of their behavior.

The virus was tested in two of the best antivirus available for Android and none was able to detect it. Droid Kungfu is functional for OS versions 2.2 (alias Froyo), where it can transform the device into a bot to re-send the virus or to execute actions that are ordered remotely.

If you have an Android device the warning is clear, during the next few days watch out for the applications you download and limit yourself to download them only from official shops: Android Market and Amazon Store.

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AndroidTV Online

How to Watch TV on Android

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How to Watch TV on Android – Android devices, small smartphones and tablets, open a world of possibilities that start with Web browsing, games and enjoying multimedia content.

To this we can add the ability to watch TV channels from different countries around the world via streaming transmission on our Android. With this option you can follow your favorite sports broadcasts, series, films, documentaries and all kinds of content wherever you are.

Best Ways to Watch TV on Android

Do be aware that streaming television generates high data traffic, so this option is best for those with a flat data rate plan or directly connected to a WiFi network.

How to Watch TV on Android

Completely Free Application to Watch TV on Android

Having given the above clarifications, we recommend theChanner to watch TV on Android. One of the few applications in the Android Market with whom you can really see different TV channels and it is completely free.

After you have it installed, you will have access to hundreds of television stations from around the world. The stations are organized in alphabetical order, by country and by language. You can also comment on Twitter and Facebook what you are about to watch TV on Android, directly from the application itself.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that such Internet transmissions are highly dependent on the bandwidth. Some channels that don’t get displayed or are choppy may be seen perfectly on another device or at other times depending on various factors.

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The best 3D games for Android – Top 5

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Although the screen of smartphones may not be the best option for gaming, nobody can deny that these can be a great solution when we have to a wait for someone and/or something or are simply bored.

So that their line of games doesn’t end with the classic games like Tetris for mobile phones, Android programmers have worked continually in the graphical part of their operating system to make it a level that is more than interesting.

Android 3D Games
The quality has been demonstrated by the most advanced smartphones. This has led to the boom of mobile gaming in recent times, offering titles that go from simple to more complex games.

Here we made a compilation of the 5 best 3D games for Android.

1. Together with Denmark

Without doubt one of the most entertaining games of the moment Android. TwD allows users to play against their friends via WiFi.

2. Sky Siege

Similar to the old war games, Sky Siege allow us to combat with helicopters and jets in a three dimensional environment. This game features 32 different challenges, ensuring hours of fun.

3. Zombies, Run

For fans of zombies, this game allows users the ability to create their own living dead. We can have fun with other users, thanks to the multi-player version.

4. ISnipeYou

For those who enjoy war games or aim and shoot, ISnipeYou allow us to use the camera to destroy our target and earning points. As you can imagine, the game is not as easy as it sounds because there are many surprises throughout the story.

5. Spec Trek

Without doubt one of the most popular games for Android, Spec Trek is a game of suspense in which users must find and capture different ghosts. The most interesting thing is that you can play using the GPS and camera of the smartphone.

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Stop Smoking with the Help of Your Android

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Many smokers proposition is to quit the habit, but in most cases fail in their attempt. In order to quit smocking it’s better to have some medical advice or a strong will, or better yet, both.

If you have an Android device you can install some applications that will help you to quit smoking. Most will offer advice and assistance. They also show the statistics of the money saved from those non-smoked cigarettes.

Stop Smoking With Android

Here is a list of utilities available for your Android that will motivate and help you in the process of quitting smoking.

Smokefree is a widget that will track the money saved and the days since you stopped smoking.

Stop Smoking shows you the percentage of health you gained from not smoking, as well as the number of days passed since.

Cigarette Counter keeps track of the number of cigarettes you smoke each day, week and month, and the money spent on them. It may be useful to reduce the consumption of tobacco until the complete cessation.

QuitNow! is an application that counts the number of days without smoking, time and money saved from the cigarettes not smoked.

Smoke Control Lite is an application that helps you to become more conscious about your smoking habit. It shows various statistics, like the number of the cigars smoked at various times and the time elapsed since you smoked last.

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AndroidMobile Apps

The Best Free Games For Android – Top 5

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Despite its short time on the market compared to many of its rivals, Android has become one of the most important mobile platforms today.

Today we can find any virtual application (app) we can imagine for this operating system, including some of the best games. Below are 5 of the best free games you can download for you Android.

Top Android Games
With the creation of Android Marketplace, Android users can download thousands of applications, games and more to your SmartPhone. The big advantage of the Android Marketplace is that many applications don’t cost a penny, unlike other operating systems.

Many are still under the impression that free games and free applications are of poor quality or that may contain some viruses. But the truth is that today there are many high quality free games that can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you want to start playing with your new SmartPhone, here’s the 5 best free games for Android.

1. Angry Birds

Possibly the most popular game of the moment, the version of Angry Birds for Android offers the same great game playing time as the other versions. The game is divided into 225 levels, which means hours and hours of playing.

2. Paper Toss

This game begun as an application for the iPhone. But it quickly spread to other mobile platforms and now we have the chance to try our aim with balls of paper from the comfort of our Android.

3. Free Sudoku

For those who believe that not all games should be a useless waste of time, here is a very interesting version of the classic Sudoku game that will allow us to spend time and work our mind at the same time.

4. The Great Land Grab

This addictive application is the perfect choice for those who want to relax a bit while enjoying their game. Users must buy as much territory as possible following different tactics.

5. Air Control

We end the list with a very interesting game that puts you in the shoes of an air traffic controller. We must avoid that the planes collide with each other. This can be achieved by providing the correct instructions.

Set a reasonable deadline for yourself, and do not let anything stand in the way of completing apps for writers windows that mission.

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Google Web-Based Android Market

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Google has just launched its new Android Market, which lets you install new applications directly from your mobile phone. Now you can do it without having to use the Market application on your smartphone. This is one big change that shows how Google is moving ahead with its mobile operating system that has already displaced Nokia as the top manufacturer of  mobile OS.

The whole process now becomes easier. You won’t need to scan QR codes appBrain or synchronize the application. The web interaction is made directly from the market portal to your mobile phone. That can be accomplished without you even needing to touch your mobile phone.

Android Web-Based Market
If your phone is not connected to the Internet, a queue of applications to install will be created and will proceed to install once it detects a network connection to the Internet. This requires that you log into the new Android Market with the same Google account that was used in the mobile device.

From your applications panel at the market webpgage you will see the pending applications that need to be installed and the ones that have already been installed in the past. You can also manage multiple mobile devices, all associated to a single account. Once we need to install an application, a list of devices associated with our account will be displayed and we only have to select on which device we want to install the application.

Gone are the long and slow processes, the unnecessary steps and complex installations.

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