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xSpeechKit – Enter Text in Google Chrome Using Speech (Voice)

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Google Chrome has recently launched its latest version, which includes the option to enter text via voice commands with xSpeechKit.

xSpeechKit is the new feature that Google Chrome has, now you can enter text into the Google search engine with the use of your voice. This option is available as a browser extension.

xSpeechKit Google Text Via Speech Voice
So if you want to search by entering text by voice, you just need download the extension xSpeechKit, install it and quickly start making your searches. Just like Android users can do it. Once you’ve installed xSpeechKit, you will see the image of a small microphone in the search bar icon that indicates you can enter text by voice.

But that’s not all, xSpeechKit recognizes almost all the input boxes that appear in pages that you open using the Google Chrome web-browser. It also recognizes form fields and email input fields. But unfortunately, it doesn’t recognize password input fields and character support for common symbols like the comma (,), Period (.), and (@) and dash(_) symbols are not available for email input fields.

Right now this tool is best if it’s used to enter text in search fields. But I have no doubt Google will continue working on it so that it will be more compatible with the other input fields.

Download Link: Click Here

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Browser Tips

Import and Export Firefox Passwords Easily

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It’s very common for users to leave their passwords saved from various sites in their Firefox browser so that they can save some time or just in case they forget them. But there’s times that you may accidentally delete them when you delete all your history (cookies, passwords, etc.) or you may download a newer version of the browser and come to find out that you have to enter your passwords again one by one. If you want to avoid any future headaches or if you’re looking for a tool that will save your websites passwords, you can choose to import and export them with Password Exporter and avoid having to recover them from all sites.

Password Exporter is a Firefox extension that makes it easy to store all your passwords for websites. That way you won’t need to have to recover them one by one, when you format or wipe the navigation data on your computer.

After you install the Password Exporter add-on, you won’t see it on the browser. The reason is because it’s hidden inside the security settings. You can access it by going to the browser menu and clicking on Tools>Options>Security and the import/export passwords option would be there.

Password Exporter Import and Export Firefox Passwords
With this Mozilla Firefox add-on you can see all the passwords and can export them to an encrypted file. Password Exporter can be downloaded from Firefox official site.

Add-on Direct Link: Click Here

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Browser Tips

Watch Banned or Blocked Youtube Videos With ProxyTube

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Everyone has been through the bad experience of getting excited about watching a very cool or popular video on Youtube, and when we click on it, we find out that the video is blocked in our country of residence due to copyright issues. I don’t know about you, but that really upsets me.

Luckily for us, these geographic restrictions can be avoided with applications like ProxyTube. This is a chrome extension and it’s a completely free and easy to use application.

Youtube Blocked Videos
After installing this extension all we have to do is visit the video’s link like we usually do and click on “proxytube”. After that we will be redirected instantly to another link where we can enjoy the video without any restrictions.

Link ProxyTube

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Google Lets You Block Websites From Search Results

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Google has created a new system to improve the accuracy of the results provided to users who search on their website. The new functionality allows the user to block those findings it deems erroneous web pages, poor quality, offensive or pornographic for that search.

Right next to each search result provided on Google, you will see a new button that will serve to eliminate the current search result, and the next searches we make on related subjects.

Manage Google Blocked Sites
This functionality could already be used with Personal Blocklist, which is part of a series of measures that Google has developed to improve the quality of results offered by their searches.

This new tool includes configuration options, including the ability to manage blocked domains, with more information on it and unlock it with the option to appear in subsequent searches.

For now this new functionality is only available for the English version of Google. So if you are using a different language and you want to try this new option now, you can change the language to English search engine and search.

In addition, this option also depends on the browser you are using when you connect to the Google search engine. Because browsers that support this new feature are the latest versions of browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 9 and Firefox 3.5.

The blocking of a site by users do not interfere with the positioning of this site in search results, according to the information that Google has provided in his blog. Also, this new functionality will only serve to personalize the search results. This is intended to prevent abuse of this button to delete the websites are for users who attempt to interfere with the positioning of the sites blocked.

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Browser Tips

How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

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How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox – Most Windows users know that the PC system can achieve better performance by defragmenting the hard drives of their computer. But by doing this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will speed up Mozilla Firefox browser.

Optimizing Helps to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

In order for our Mozilla Firefox browser to achieve a substantial improvement in browsing speed, we also have to perform a procedure to optimize Mozilla Firefox database. Perhaps this is the most important key element in the functioning of the Mozilla Firefox browser. We will get superior performance and the ability of taking the most advantage of the virtues of Mozilla Firefox browser by performing this procedure that will speed up Mozilla Firefox.

Complexity to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

If you are thinking that optimizing the database of Mozilla Firefox browser sounds too complex. Then you are wrong. This technique is fairly easy to implement. To speed up Mozilla Firefox, all we have to do is download a small free plug-in called “SpeedyFox”, which is ultimately the one who will do the job of defragmenting the database of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

Installation and Operating instructions:

1. Download the plug-in from the official site: (and install it)

2. Once installed, all you have to do is press the button “Speed Up My Firefox” and the tool starts to do its job.

Note: in order to successfully complete the process on how to speed up Mozilla Firefox, you need to close any open windows/tabs that you have open in the browser. In addition it is recommended to close any references to it. That will ensure that the defragmentation of your database is done with the greatest success possible.

Enjoy the Speed Up Mozilla Firefox Experience

Once finished, you can experience from the pleasant sensation of browsing when you see the excellent navigation performance and speed that is achieved by using SpeedyFox.

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