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Slimmer Sony PS3 Console Set For Release

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Slimmer Sony PS3 Console Set For Release – Technology has greatly affected the way people live their lives. Communication and entertainment are among the most affected aspects of human life by modern technology. Today, there are many gaming devices in the market designed for children and adults. There are also many companies that produce consoles for modern players. Despite the fact that there has been great advancement in the gaming consoles that are available in the current market, the world is yet to see more.

Slimmer Sony PlayStation 3

New PS3 Gaming Experience

Sony, which is a leading company in the production of entertainment and gaming gadgets, is set to release a new slimmer gaming console. Slimmer Sony PS3 is bound to give gaming enthusiasts a new reason to invest in gaming gadgets. Although the exact date for the release of this gadget has not been announced, reliable sources reveals that it will be availed to the market before the winter holidays.

Sony states that this console has been reworked by professionally trained and experienced experts before production of the final product, resulting in a more streamlined device that is easy to move around with. This device has been designed and manufactured with an aim of giving gamers more flexibility and freedom. People who have been used to large devices, this console is bound to give them a new and better experience.

Slim PS3 Console

Better Architecture

According to the manufacturer of this device, this gadget has a complete architecture that has been redesigned, affecting its internal portions. Redesigning of the slimmer PS3 console has given it a smaller size than original PS3 gadgets. When compared to previous models of PS3s, the size of this device has over half reduction, in terms of size. Its weight has been reduced by 25 percent, while its volume has reduced by 20 percent. In addition, this gadget comes with a contemporary sliding disk feature, as well as tags along its sleek exteriors that have a curved design, just like with the previous model.

Enhanced PS3 Performance

The new Sony PS3 comes in three different versions. There is a 250GB version, 500GB HDD version, and 12GB version that features a flash memory. Using the 12GB PS3 version itss possible to store a wide range of content, including; games, photos, music and clips. 12GB version also enables users to use external HDD with a memory of 250GB. By November, this slimmer PS3 will be arriving in Japan in a charcoal black color.

Sony Slim PS3 Bundle

Among the temptations will be FIFA 13 and Assassin’s Creed III. The new edition of the redesigned PS3 console weighs approximately 2.1 kg, with dimensions of 290MM x 60MM X 230MM. In addition, the new slimmer PS3 console has essential sports features, such as Ethernet capability, Bluetooth 2.0 and HDMI audio features, among others. These are among the most innovative features that are differentiating this device from preceding models and other brands already in the market. Since the announcement of the release of the slimmer PS3 soon, many people are looking for information about it on the internet. This is an indication of how eager gamers are as they wait for this slimmer PS3 console and the experience it will bring them.

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Nintendo 3DS Review: A Perfect Gaming Experience

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Nintendo 3DS Review – It has to be seen to be believed. Nintendo 3DS a glass free 3-dimensional gadget has now been released this year to take your gaming experience to a next level. Now you can have incredible gameplay featuring real 3D graphics that needs no special glasses.

Nintendo 3DS is a revolutionary gadget in the world of portable entertainment as it redefines the concept of 3D gaming technology with its latest features and applications. Along with gaming you can also access the internet right from your Nintendo 3DS including the ability to pause the game to catch up your emails & news. Gain access to Nintendo e-shop, your one stop shop featuring an exciting lineup of downloadable 3D games.

Nintendo 3DS Review: A Perfect Gaming Experience

Features and Specifications of the Nintendo 3DS

  • Motion Sensor
    It is an amazing built-in sensor that can react to the motion of the system. So doesn’t matter whether players are twisting their Nintendo 3DS, the motion compatible device will respond instantly.
  • Dual screens
    Game graphics can never be as good as in Nintendo 3DS. The top screen has an array of 800×240 pixels, giving the effective resolution of 400×240 pixels for each eye. The bottom screen containing the resolution of 320×240 pixels is capable of displaying 16.77 million colors.
  • Nintendo 3DS Review: A Perfect Gaming Experience

  • Full Analog Control
    The Nintendo 3Ds offer full Analog control in the world of 3D gaming, with the circle pad that is located above the + control pad. The potential of the game is extraordinary due to the presence of touch screen, camera, microphone input, and sophisticated motion control of motion sensor and Gyro sensor.
  • Adjustable Stylus
    This is another superb feature of Nintendo 3DS gaming. The adjustable Nintendo 3DS stylus just redefines the margins of touch control and also it is very user friendly. The stylus length can be adjusted according to your convenience by simple push or pull once it is removed from the holder.
  • 3D camera
    Nintendo 3DS game’s super cool features are not confined to this. It uses two outer cameras to give a 3D effect to games. The superb cameras help to see the world in 3D, much like a human eye which allows creating the 3D photos.
  • 2GB SD memory card
    Apart from the above, there are still more exciting things to know about your Nintendo 3DS which will enhance your pleasure of playing it. Every Nintendo comes with a 2 GB SD memory card which helps you to store music, recordings as well as 3D photos.

Nintendo 3DS Review: A Perfect Gaming Experience

Overview of the Nintendo 3DS

There are lots more thrilling features which your Nintendo has. So, if you want to enjoy 3D gaming like anything, just go for Nintendo 3DS and explore the world of 3D games in your own manner and it’s priced at only $170.

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CoolPC Extreme III Review: Features and Specifications

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CoolPC Extreme III Review: Features and Specifications – More than a computer, CoolPC Extreme III looks more like a battle tank of the computer world. In my opinion this is the best computer on the market. A monster that is sure to last for several years without having to update it.

This new PC, CoolPC Extreme III, is worthy of the best gamers, it’s fast, super fast. It’s powered thanks to its Intel Core i7 and 12GB of DDR3 RAM.

But this gaming machine would not be what it is if wasn’t for its great cooling system. It has a very large cabinet with two Fan Coolers of considerable size. It also has a huge heatsink on the CPU, a Cooler Master V8.

CoolPC Extreme III Review: Features and Specifications

This huge computer keeps our processor and all the equipment to an ideal temperature to achieve the highest levels of overclocking.

Characteristics of this amazing PC, CoolPC Extreme III, are:

  • Microprocessor-990X Intel Core i7 ‘Extreme’
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 590
  • 12 GB of RAM G. Skill DDR3 Ripjaw based on 3 x 4GB
  • Motherboard Asus Rampage Extreme III Black Edition (Intel X58)
  • OCZ SSD RevoDrive PCIe, 110 GB.
  • Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda 2 TB and interface SATA3
  • Case Cooler Master HAF X
  • Power Supply Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000 Watt
  • Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler

Summary of the CoolPC Extreme III

I have no doubt that this is the bully of the computer world, and although it seems to have a fairly high price (4355 dollars), it is not so bad. It is equipped with the best of the best, and certainly those who purchase this wonder will not have to bother changing it or modifying it until many years from now.

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TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

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TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers – Are you a lover of video games? If you are, you will love this. Recently a website was launched where you can watch live transmission of video game battles, or contrary, you can transmit the battles of your favorite games online.

Creator of TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

The site is called Twichtv: Streaming For Gamers and has been created by the founders of For those that are unfamiliar with, it’s one of the most popular services for video broadcast live over the Internet with more than 300 million active users worldwide.

To enter just go to the following address: On the main page you will find the most popular battles that are being transmitted. You may also scroll down where you will find a search bar where you can enter the name of a specific game you may be looking for.

TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

Popular Games at TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

In particular I have searched a bit and found some of the most popular games, such as “Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty”, “Super Street Fighter 4,” “Duke Nukem Forever” and “Call Of Duty: Black Ops.” Although it initially may take a while to load the video (because the internet connection and the number of people viewing the video). But once we are in it we will be able to see the selected battle.

How to Use TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

To transmit a game you will need a webcam and a user account (if you already have an account on you can use that) and any of these programs:

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GamingTech News

Nintendo Wii 2 Console Unlikely to Support 3D Technology

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June will be a big month for Nintendo and Reggie Fils-Aime, CEO of Nintendo of America, has confirmed that they are working on a new home console, the Wii 2. Unfortunately, the new Wii 2 it’s unlikely to support 3D graphics like many had expected. This new announcement will really upset some gamers, specially after the recent release of the Nintendo 3DS and all the 3D televisions hype that has been going on since the end of last year.

Nintendo Wii 2 3D Unlikely
At the moment, and against what other manufacturers think, Reggie Fils-Aime said they still don’t have any plans of a 3D home console.

The reason for this is that people don’t want to wear 3D glasses to play. So until they develop appropriate screens, expect nothing. Also, they will not be putting the system display as they did with their smaller console (3DS). But you never know if Nintendo is saying the truth or perhaps they are only saying it to create confusion between their rivals.

After all, don’t we expect something big every time Nintendo releases a new console?

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How to Update your PSP Firmware

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Although they may have begun to become obsolete compared to the boom of smartphones and tablets, the PSP hand held is still a very popular worldwide. As a result Sony continues to release new updates to keep it updated.

Many novice users may think that firmware updates can be a waste of time. But in reality, these updates allow us access new features or tools that could not be used in the original system.

Unlike many computers on which updates are made automatically, PSP consoles often require us to perform the update manually. A process that can be annoying to many users.

PSPgo Piano Black
If you’re one of them, here’s how to update the firmware of the PSP.

WARNING: Before starting the upgrade, you should fully charge the battery and make sure you’re not using homebrew (unofficial program).

1. Wireless Internet connection

Connect your PSP to the Internet and select “Network Update”. Once there you can select your WLAN options, choosing “Scan” and giving the PSP the freedom to find a network automatically.

2. Choose the connection

Select the option to connect and press the X button. The PSP will connect to the internet and tell you if an update is available.

3. Free Space Required

If no updates are available you can still play as many games as you want. But keep in mind to always have at least 21MB of free memory for updates.

4. Download updates

The firmware update starts automatically. The time it takes to download will depend on connection speed. Also remember to keep the PSP firmware turned on so that it could update correctly.

5. PSP Updates

After the download is complete press the X button to start the update. Then restart the console so that everything works fine.

6. Terminate the process

After completing the updates, make sure that the PSP is not disconnected or turned off before completing the installation.

As you can see by following a few simple steps you can update your PSP yourself without any assistance.

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No More PSNetwork and Qriocity For PS3 Pirates

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On February 16, Sony publicly announced its “initial” response to the problem of hackers on the PS3, which consists on banning those users whose consoles have been hijacked.

Sony will permanently veto the services provided in Qriocity PSNetwork to those who have been identified by possessing a hacked Playstation 3. But these are not just words, they are really taking place and is been discussed in a variety of forums in which many people were affected by this decision.

PS3 Pirates Banned
The company first sends an e-mail to warn users with a message that says that they are using a device to circumvent unauthorized or pirated software. Advises to stop using it again and to immediately remove any unauthorized software from the PS3.

If the user refuses to follow the guidelines, he will be censored and won’t be able to enter the Playstation Network, or Qriocity through their console. After this you will receive an email saying: “Access to PlayStation Network and Qriocity services through its PlayStation 3 has been permanently terminated due to the use of devices to circumvent and / or software unauthorized or pirated. This violates the terms of the Software License Agreement for PlayStation 3 System, in addition to the Terms of Service and User Agreement for PlayStation Network / Qriocity and the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Community. ”

When this happens and you want to sign in to PSN, a message will appear displaying an error that states “You can not use the PlayStation Network with this account (8002a227).” Sony also states that if they revoked access to these services by mistake, “Contact your Local Service Customer.”

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PlayStation Move Also to be Used on PC?

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Kinect has become a phenomenon, not only because it involved a new way to play on the Xbox, but it allowed the use of a multiple applications in PC’s and robots in a series of hacks made by different developers.

Now the creator of the PlayStation Move, Sony’s Richard Marks would like something similar happened with his invention. In an interview with Ars Technica, Marks gave indications that there may be device drivers for PC in the future, that would be completely legal. After what happened with the jailbreak of the PS3, there are doubts if anyone would want to try to hack the Move.

Speaking with Ars Technica, Dr. Richard Marks said:

“For too long I said in my talks that we would let more people innovate with the Move. It is a good tool. Is made for the PS3, so it is difficult for us to let go, “Marks said. However, “I’d like to see happen, so that all creative minds in labs and hobbyists can play with it,” he added.

playstation move hack pc
The hacking of the Kinect has brought tons of publicity to the device and has made it much more attractive to users. Maybe Sony expects that something similar will happen with the Move. The idea is to provide all the information possible for developers to create many more things, according to Marks. According to the executive, there would free access to data from the gyroscopes and accelerometers, and access to programs that use the PlayStation Eye to turn that information into 3D controls.

We’re still not sure if the rest of Sony has the same enthusiasm about it.

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