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Klipsch Image S4A Headphones: Splendid Android Accessory

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Klipsch Image S4A Headphones – Since many manufacturers are stepping into the business of Android accessories, a fantastic new pair of wired headphones named Image S4 has been launched by Klipsch, a headphone and speaker manufacturer. The Klipsch Image S4A Headphones are specially designed for android platform. The headsets are acquiescent with the devices using android version 2.1 or later and requires an application to be downloaded to facilitate its functionality.

Special features of the Klipsch Image S4A Headphones:

  • In-Ear type design
    The Klipsch Image S4A Headphones features an in-ear type design for the ear pieces that becomes very comfortable for the users to wear for long. It comes with a protective soft case and three different sets of silicone ear cushions which make it easy to fit.
  • Noise Isolation
    Along with special in-ear design, the headset also has a unique noise cancellation feature which helps the user to listen to music and attend the calls at the same time.
  • Push button and customization of calls
    The Klipsch Image S4A Headphones is embedded with a push button on the microphone that allows the user to control the music and calls with a single touch. The especially designed Klipsch control application helps to customize call and music features of the device. The very application can be easily downloaded for free from the android market using smart phones or any other devices running on Google android 2.1 or above.
  • Voice features of Klipsch Image S4A Headphones
    The audio peripherals have some other interesting features like voice search and voice command. Other additional functions like track settings, answering and ending calls, volume controls and redialing etc can be performed. Moreover, the mute microphone mode in the hands-free adds to its grace.

Klipsch Image S4A Headphones

Along with all these interesting features, there is something else to know about the headphones. Exercising the dynamic Moving Coil Micro phone design, the headphone employs full range KG 25 drivers. The Klipsch Image S4A Headphones have a diameter of 8.5 mm and a sensitivity of 110 db SPL/Mw.

The nominal impedance is of 18 ohms but the frequency may vary from 10 Hz to 19 kHz, which is super cool. Another additional advantage of having Klipsch Image S4A Headphones is that it can be connected to a number of devices through 3.5 mm audio jack. The headphones are packed up in a protective soft case so that it can be ported easily. The pricing of the audio accessory is still not clear but it is estimated that it will be around $99.99. The headphones will be available for purchase from the month of October or November from Klipsch retail network or other designated dealers worldwide.

Summary of Klipsch Image S4A Headphones

Klipsch Image S4A Headphones are superbly designed for Android devices .They are a new gift for android users. The features like noise isolation, microphone mute mode, push button and voice search etc are fantastic which can induce you to have one pair of these headphones. The price list is still not out but its on high side for sure so; one must also keep in mind his/her budget before purchasing. Overall it’s a quality product which can be purchased for having an ultimate sound from any audio device.

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