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How to Build a WordPress Site From Scratch

How to Build a WordPress Site From Scratch

Being I.T savvy has very little to do with building, and customizing your website on a WordPress platform. You don’t need a degree in Information technology to pull it off, neither is there need for any specialized knowledge in I.T systems.

It’s an entirely different ball game when it comes to building a website from the ground up, a process which even the most seasoned professionals are having trouble wrapping their heads around.

How to Build a WordPress Site From Scratch

Key Steps: What You Need To Make It Work

There are about half a dozen key steps involved in managing your WordPress site’s builder’s portfolio. These steps are typically standard, and once you are locked into the general arrangement of the process, you can be well on your way to a fully functional website in no time. The steps are divided into 5 main steps;

  • You always start with the establishment of a domain name. There are some people who begin by acquiring the services of a hosting provider, then moving to the domain name. This all depends on preference, so you can start with one or either, whichever works for you. Ensure you put some work into your domain name; the name is everything, especially if your site is built on a professional platform. The domain name will have a huge bearing on whether people actually take your brand seriously.
  • After you’ve set up a name, you can now concentrate on linking it to a hosting provider who can launch it into the wind. This is where issues of effective traffic maintenance come into play. You need to pick a hosting provider based on how much traffic you anticipate.
  • At this point your site is only a few steps short of being fully functional. This is the point where you install the WordPress content management system. The installation here is pretty simple; all you need to do is sift through the control panel interface of your hosting provider, answer a few questions and the configuration will be done automatically. Alternatively, there is the option of uploading a WordPress package and running the installation manually.
  • The penultimate step involves picking out a suitable theme. There are a lot of free options here, so that won’t be much of a problem. If you’ve already picked out your theme, then the installation procedure is pretty much the same, but if you are looking for something less conspicuous, then the WP theme library will give you lots of options to choose from.
  • The last step is perhaps the most important of all – Content Development. The beauty of WP is the fact that you can have anything from static text to colorful media, videos, and even audio tutorials to liven up the viewer experience.
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How to Change your Dull Blog to an Attractive Blog

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Change your Dull Blog to an Attractive Blog – With more and more businesses coming online, blogging has gained paramount importance. Blogging can be used in a variety of ways, such as to market one’s services, interact with people and earn good income. Considering the stiff competition the bloggers are facing, an attractive blog can do wonders for you, instead of a dull blog.

Blogging is rather a technical phenomenon, which runs by specific rules and techniques. Only a popular and attractive blog can beat the heat of such competition. Below discussed tricks and techniques will help you enhance the visibility of your blog, make it successful among the target audience, get rid of your dull blog and turn it into an attractive blog.

How to Change your Dull Blog to an Attractive Blog

5 Ways to Changing a Dull Blog an Attractive Blog

  1. Effective Interaction through Comments: Although there are a number of ways to communicate with your readers, comment section could be very beneficial. Making the most out of your blog depends upon your ability to maintain a healthy relation with your target audience. As a blogger, it is your responsibility to respond to the genuine queries and questions of your readers with full honesty. By doing this you will have more interaction with your readers, hence creating a more attractive blog for your readers.
  2. Update your Blog with Informative and Useful Stuff: Think about the benefit of your readers honestly. Do not fill the content section of your blog with useless stuff. It could lead to bad search engine rankings, and your blog may get dumped by the readers soon. People will only comment genuinely on your blog, if you give them useful information. Otherwise, you will only get spam comments, which will lead the blog nowhere.
  3. Guest posts – An integral part of your blog: Guest posts strengthens the blogger-reader relationship. Invite your readers to write a guest post for your blog. It will give them backlinks for their websites, thus it is a mutually benefiting process. You can do this through emails, personal chats and any other method you feel comfortable with.
  4. Add the Subscription Option in your Blog: It is an important step, if you want to increase the popularity of your blog, and make it attractive. Send regular notifications to the subscribed readers about the update and new posts added. You need not do it manually, as there are automated ways for your help. You can find tools easily, if you do a bit of Google research. In addition, your web hosting company often provides the tools free.
  5. Offer Free and Discounted Deals and Organize Contests: Introduce great deals and offers to your readers, and attract them through these. The point here is that it will make your blog unique and give it a different identity. Use high quality graphics and themes to add icing to the cake. A sparkling and attractive Blog is much better than a dull looking blog.

Outsourcing Work for Your Attractive Blog

You can seek professional help for adopting the above discussed methods, or you can do it yourself. Once you start earning a substantial amount of money, you can start outsourcing the content of your attractive blog and other things. However, first you need to improve the search engine rankings of your blog through hard work in a well-planned manner.

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How to Activate MagicJack

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How to Activate MagicJack – When you activate your MagicJack device, the service is good for one year. Once the year is completed, the account is automatically disabled. You can reactivate your MagicJack account by adding additional years of service through your account on the MagicJack website. One year of service will cost $19.95, but you can save money by adding years to your account as a package. Here we show you a brief guide on how to activate MagicJack.

How to Activate MagicJack

How to Activate MagicJack

Step 1. Log into your account on the MagicJack website (
Step 2. Click on “My Subscriptions”.

Step 3. Click on “Details” in the “Renewal” section.

Step 4. Click on “One Year License” for a year of service, or “Five Years License” for five years.

Step 5. Finally, follow the onscreen instructions to add years to your account.

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How to Choose a Good Computer Mouse

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While using a computer, nothing can be more irritating than a mouse does not work correctly. Hitting or pressing the buttons harder than necessary and violent shaking are common behaviors adopted by users who have problems with their mouse. All this can cause mistakes when executing an activity with the mouse.

It’s important to know some information and keep some concepts in mind at the time of choosing your mouse. The mouse should be accurate, have a clear description about the technology used, mention of the number of buttons available, specify the design, specify for what type of equipment it was created, etc. All these details need to be analyzed before making your decision.

Logitech MX 518 Mouse

Mouse for Notebooks and Netbooks

Usually laptop mouses are smaller than the “usual.”

Before you buy, it’s important to check how comfortable and adaptable is to the size selected. It can be quite uncomfortable if the hand that holds the mouse has to close too much to sustain it. There are some models that are a little lower or higher to provide greater comfort and help you avoid having to make awkward movements with the fingers to use it.

Because they are especially designed for notebooks and/or netbooks, they have a retractable cable. It would be pointless to have a small computer and carry a large mouse with a long cable.

Desktop Computer Mouse

The mouse for a desktop computer is a conventional, larger size and gets better adapted to the hands.

General details

Like in any situation, is essential to assess the weight and size of the peripheral. It’s advisable to avoid buying a mouse that weighs over 130 grams. A heavy mouse can’t only cause problems in handling, but can also cause health problems by having to make repetitive efforts. Sizes vary and the definition of “comfortable” is very personal.

The optical sensor mouse is another detail that should not be overlooked. Ideally, choose one with great precision and that never leaves the cursor with the “arrow” trembling annoyingly on the screen. Philips, for example, has an optical technology that ensures an immediate response of the mouse that can be used on any smooth surface (paper, plastic and even wood).

There are also computers that have certain “preference” for certain hardware, like Mac. Mac has a mouse that was specially created for their computers, known as the Magic Mouse. This is a multi-touch mouse that provides a unique experience thanks to its ability to slide, click and ease of use.

You can also opt for a wireless mouse. They work with batteries. Many times the precision of these devices leaves much to be desired, something that can be very upsetting, because their price is usually high.

To know if a mouse is precise, is needed to determine its resolution, which is a measurement of inches per second. This measure is known as DPI (Dots Per Inch). The best-selling mouses have a resolution that’s in between 400 and 800 DPI. Whether it will be used for work, study and other common tasks, a mouse within that average serves very well.

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Windows Password Recovery and Reset Offline – Step by Step Instructions

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This how-to guide will show you the easy way on how to reset your forgotten or lost Windows password for Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, and 7. Just follow my instructions below and you should be fine:

How to Recover Windows Passwords Easily


  1. First make sure your PC is set to boot first from CD-Rom. (If it’s not, just go into BIOS and set the PC to boot first from CD-Rom)

  2. Insert the Password Reset CD and restart your PC.

  3. When the program loads simple select the default option (Just keep hitting Enter) until you get to “enter username to change

  4. Once you get to the “enter username to change“, just hit the Enter button, this will select your default username which usually is “Administrator“.

  5. Or if you want to select another user simply type is exactly like it is on the users list menu (make sure that it is on the menu). Remember that it is case sensitive; therefore if the username is “Joe“, make sure to put uppercase J. Typing “joe” (with lower case j) will not work. Then just press Enter when you are done typing the username.

  6. Next you will see “User Edit Menu“. I recommend to type “1” and then press Enter; this will clear the password. You will see a message that says “Password Cleared”. Please note that we are not completely done, we still need to save the changes so continue with my instructions.

  7. You will see a message that asking you what to do next: You can either select “!” (To Quit) or “.” (To list the users on the computer). You can select “.” and follow the previous mentioned instructions to reset the password for other usernames. Otherwise you should type “!” if you are done and press Enter.

  8. After you select “!”, that will bring you to the beginning of the menu. Type “q” (quit) and press Enter.

  9. It then will ask you to write back changes? Type “y” (for yes) and hit Enter.

  10. Then it will ask you to restart the process again? Type “n” (for no).

  11. After that you will be done. Take the cd out and press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart your PC.

Let me know if you have anymore questions or if you still run through trouble.

Note: You can check my previous post on where to download the software for free. But it comes in image file format and you would need to burn it to a CD to be able to use the software.

If you prefer, you can purchase a ready to go CD from our STORE and we will mail it to you. Simply select the number of copies you want and we will ship them to you.

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