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Windows Password Recovery and Reset Offline – Step by Step Instructions

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This how-to guide will show you the easy way on how to reset your forgotten or lost Windows password for Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, and 7. Just follow my instructions below and you should be fine:

How to Recover Windows Passwords Easily


  1. First make sure your PC is set to boot first from CD-Rom. (If it’s not, just go into BIOS and set the PC to boot first from CD-Rom)

  2. Insert the Password Reset CD and restart your PC.

  3. When the program loads simple select the default option (Just keep hitting Enter) until you get to “enter username to change

  4. Once you get to the “enter username to change“, just hit the Enter button, this will select your default username which usually is “Administrator“.

  5. Or if you want to select another user simply type is exactly like it is on the users list menu (make sure that it is on the menu). Remember that it is case sensitive; therefore if the username is “Joe“, make sure to put uppercase J. Typing “joe” (with lower case j) will not work. Then just press Enter when you are done typing the username.

  6. Next you will see “User Edit Menu“. I recommend to type “1” and then press Enter; this will clear the password. You will see a message that says “Password Cleared”. Please note that we are not completely done, we still need to save the changes so continue with my instructions.

  7. You will see a message that asking you what to do next: You can either select “!” (To Quit) or “.” (To list the users on the computer). You can select “.” and follow the previous mentioned instructions to reset the password for other usernames. Otherwise you should type “!” if you are done and press Enter.

  8. After you select “!”, that will bring you to the beginning of the menu. Type “q” (quit) and press Enter.

  9. It then will ask you to write back changes? Type “y” (for yes) and hit Enter.

  10. Then it will ask you to restart the process again? Type “n” (for no).

  11. After that you will be done. Take the cd out and press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart your PC.

Let me know if you have anymore questions or if you still run through trouble.

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