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The Best Games for Linux: Top 5

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The Best Games for Linux: Top 5 – Despite its popularity with advanced users, we all know that Linux is not the most widely used platform for gaming. As a result, the number of interesting titles is very small compared to other operating systems.

Despite this, Linux provides an opportunity for all types of developers to create games of all kinds and of superior quality, which means that in recent times there has been some very interesting games.

Although there are various tools to use any game in Linux operating systems, here is a small list of the best games for Linux.

The Best Games for Linux: Top 5

5 of the Best Games for Linux:

1. Secret Maryo Chronicles
Secret Maryo Chronicles is an open source game designed on the original Super Mario World, taking the best remembered of that game and adapting it to the PC.

2. Which Way Is Up?
This is a puzzle game, which means we can run, jump and move a bunch of knobs, with the ability to rotate around the world in ninety degrees.

3. Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker is an action game where you must capture penguins on an iceberg to be sent to Finland, where they are an essential part of a secret plan for world domination.

4. Numpty Physics
A perfect game for children and one that adults can enjoy. It features an interactive panel where we can build all sorts of devices and use gravity to make them work.

5. Frozen Bubble
An arcade game with a simple premise: to join three bubbles of the same color.

The Best Games for Linux Roundup

If you are looking for games that are compatible with your Linux Operating System, I suggest to try the games I have suggested above, which are 5 of the best games for linux.

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Linux From your Web Browser

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The Frenchman Fabrice Bellard, who is known for been the founder of FFmpeg (free software that can record, convert and stream audio and video) has created a website that emulates running Linux on your web browser. When asked why he did it, he simply answered: “I did it for fun, just because the new JavaScript engines are fast enough to make complicated things.

Linux From Web Browser
It is worth nothing that the emulation must be executed from Google Chrome 11 or Firefox 4. Because otherwise you will not be able to see it. Once you are within that page, you will see like if the operating system was starting to boot, until finally reaching the system cursor.

If you are wondering, why would someone want emulate the Linux operating system from a web browser?

I believe that this website can be used for educational purposes, since one can quickly show the students an overview of the management and operation of the system without installing the necessary infrastructure. For ordinary users of Linux: How many times has happened to us that we do not remember a command or statement and we don’t have our Linux equipment with us? Or just to satisfy the curiosity of those who have always heard of Linux but have never had any contact with the operating system.

Lastly, as a technical data I can tell you Bellard has used the version 2.6.1920 of the Linux kernel and the hard disk needed is only a small portion of an image that is taken from the RAM and is approximately 2 megabytes.

Link: Linux From your Web Browser

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5 Security Tools for Linux

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Since it was launched, one of the biggest advantages of Linux operating systems has been its security. But the security confidence in this operating system could be starting to decrease because hackers have started to target them, since they have gained so much popularity in recent years.

This is not a surprise to anyone, because hackers generally focus their resources against the most used programs. Windows had always been the preferred target, until alternatives such as Apple and Linux started to take off.

Linux Security Hack
This has led to attacks on Linux operating systems to become more common than in the past. Which means that users must accept that from now on they should take some measures to defend their operating system.

To save some time, here are 5 of the best security tools for Linux.

1. ClamAV

Sourcefire ClamAV is one of the best antivirus for Linux. An open source program designed to detect all types of threats, including Trojans, viruses and malware. If that is not enough, the software also has a powerful scanning tool and a tool for automatic updates.

2. Snort

Another product from Sourcefire, Snort is a program to prevent and detect threats through a network that combines different types of inspection. With several million downloads, this software is one of the most widely used by Linux users.

3. Wireshark

A protocol analyzer on the internet that allows to capture and analyze the traffic generated by the computer. An interesting detail is that Wireshark works in all types of systems, including: Windows, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD and NetBSD.

4. John the Ripper

A password cracker, which allows users to detect weak keys. So far it is primarily distributed as source code, but there are versions for Linux and Mac.

5. Nessus

With over five million downloads, Nessus is one of the most important security applications in the world. This system offers all kind of protection, including scanning, data recovery and analysis of vulnerabilities.

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5 Mistakes Commonly Made By Linux Newbies

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In recent years the growth of Linux as an alternative operating system has noticeably increased. For a long time it was believed that these operating systems were only for advanced users. But that has changed thanks to more accessible versions such as Ubuntu.

Due to this many users with ordinary skills have decided to switch to these new operating systems and have encountered some problems and errors that are simple to solve if they take the time necessary to find the solution.

Linux Newbie Mistakes
Here is a small list of rookie mistakes on Linux.

1. Exe files

For new Linux users, one of the biggest problems is getting rid of the exe files that are not used in this system. Also if you do not want to get rid of these files side, there is the option to use WINE in order for them to work.

2. Software

Another error made by beginners is the idea of using the same programs on Linux that are used in Windows. To end with this problem it’s recommended to use the tools of Ubuntu, packagekit or synaptic.

3. Documents

Despite the change to Linux, the reality is that most of the world still using Windows and its products. Therefore, new users often encounter the problem of having to work with formats that have to be compatible with more than one Operating System.

4. Patience

As always happens when changing from one system to another there is a time of test-driving. For many this may be a problem and decide to return to the original OS. But we recommend to give it another chance and try the various versions of Linux, as they become simpler over time.

5. Security

It is commonly known that Windows is the most attacked by hackers, but this does not mean that Linux operating systems have no security problems. Always watch out for new updates and protection systems.


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OpenBVE – Train Simulator For Linux

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OpenBVE is a train driving simulator similar to Microsoft Train Simulator, but free. It has a version for Windows and Linux and is kept alive due to the contributions of the community in terms of routes, locomotives, cars (etc) . Which can be downloaded online.

We have many activities to choose from. Those of passenger services, can become long and somewhat stressful but are pretty good. The cabins of the machines (depending on the creator) are very well created, as well as many effects such as the spark of the third rail or the typical noises when crossing through a route. These are small details that create a good experience.

The graphics, as I said before depends greatly on the author. But in general are quite good. It uses OpenGL acceleration and the Windows version uses Direct3D, this allows you to enjoy the game with better graphics.

On the audio side, every route, every train has its own sounds. They are all very good, although it notes that it is a sound file generated by loop.

The controls are much simpler than in Train Simulator, at least they can be simplified to a few letters. But also depends on each train (diesel, electric, etc).

Honestly, the game is very good. I searched for a game like this and found nothing similar to it.

If you want to see some pictures, click on this link. OpenBVE is free and you can find it as OpenBVE at the Software Center of Ubuntu, but if you like the console, you can type in the following: sudo apt-get install openbve

You can also download the Windows version from the official website

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