5 Mistakes Commonly Made By Linux Newbies

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In recent years the growth of Linux as an alternative operating system has noticeably increased. For a long time it was believed that these operating systems were only for advanced users. But that has changed thanks to more accessible versions such as Ubuntu.

Due to this many users with ordinary skills have decided to switch to these new operating systems and have encountered some problems and errors that are simple to solve if they take the time necessary to find the solution.

Linux Newbie Mistakes
Here is a small list of rookie mistakes on Linux.

1. Exe files

For new Linux users, one of the biggest problems is getting rid of the exe files that are not used in this system. Also if you do not want to get rid of these files side, there is the option to use WINE in order for them to work.

2. Software

Another error made by beginners is the idea of using the same programs on Linux that are used in Windows. To end with this problem it’s recommended to use the tools of Ubuntu, packagekit or synaptic.

3. Documents

Despite the change to Linux, the reality is that most of the world still using Windows and its products. Therefore, new users often encounter the problem of having to work with formats that have to be compatible with more than one Operating System.

4. Patience

As always happens when changing from one system to another there is a time of test-driving. For many this may be a problem and decide to return to the original OS. But we recommend to give it another chance and try the various versions of Linux, as they become simpler over time.

5. Security

It is commonly known that Windows is the most attacked by hackers, but this does not mean that Linux operating systems have no security problems. Always watch out for new updates and protection systems.


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