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Toshiba Portege R835-P70 Review: Features and Specifications

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Toshiba Portege R835-P70 – Toshiba has launched the new laptop from its satellite series, called Toshiba Portege R835-P70. This laptop has been packed with several nice features that include a 2.3 GHz AMD processor from the E series. It also has an E-240 processor with the AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics card. It runs on the genuine copy of Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) OS. The Portege R835-P70 also includes very fast Ethernet (10/100) and 8x SuperMulti DVD drive having double layer support.

Specifications of the Toshiba Portege R835-P70

• Processor: Intel Core i5-2410M
• OS: 64 bit Windows 7 Home premium
• A wide screen of 13.3 inches
• Memory: 4 GB, DDR 3, 1333MHz
• 640 GB HDD
• Intel Integrated Graphics
• Chipset: Intel HM65
• Price: $749

Toshiba Portege R835-P70

Features of the Toshiba Portege R835-P70

The Toshiba Portege R835-P70 has a dark blue color tint to its chassis, made from brushed metal magnesium alloys. The body is pretty sturdy despite the light weight. The ugly screen hinges remain though. The keyboard used in Toshiba Portege R835-P70 has the usual keys except that they are more rectangular as compared to others. This can be a little disconcerting to the typists. One negative is that the laptop lacks a backlit keyboard, but offers a pretty good touch pad and typing experience. This Toshiba laptop has quite a bit of software utilities including ReelTime and Bulletin Board. The Toshiba Portege R835-P70 comes with a 13.3″ LED display that has a native screen resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. However, the off-axis angles on the laptop do not view too great. The speakers installed on the machine are not too impressive, but gets the job done. There is also a DVD burner available on the laptop.

Other features also included in the laptop are WiMax, Bluetooth and Intel Wireless Display. The area where the Toshiba Portege R835-P70 really shines is in battery life. Thanks to the new processors from Intel the laptop runs for more than 7 hours which beats all its rivals. The Toshiba Portege R835-P70 is available with parts and labor warranty of 1 year. The integrated graphics are better than previous versions but still not as gamer-friendly as expected. Some configurations miss Bluetooth and wireless broadband options. There is no Blu-ray option.

Summary of the Toshiba Portege R835-P70

The laptop is hard to beat due to very good battery life, light weight and superb price. Even in the fiercely competitive 13 inch category, this laptop is difficult to beat.

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Chromebooks: Google Introduces a New Kind of Computer

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After many rumors, Google finally announced the Chrome OS and not only that, they also presented the new notebooks manufactured by Samsung. Google described it as a “new kind of computer.”

Focused entirely on the Internet, computing in the cloud, Google put attention to the more than 160 million users of the Chrome Internet browser. Google wants to give them a completely different notebook, fast and accessible from anywhere, with just a 3G connection to the Internet.

ChromeBooks: Google New Kind of Computer
The Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web. It proposes a faster experience, easier and safer without all the headaches of “common” computers.

The computer will not have anything installed locally, everything will be done with applications in the cloud, from the Chrome browser and it won’t consume many of the hardware resources. As a result the Chromebooks will be quick and efficient.

Thanks to the efficiency, Google wants corporate users begin using Chromebooks, especially those companies that already use Google Apps services. Because these notebooks are going to be cheaper and safer, they will save on equipment and technical support specialists.

Google believes that the key to success is in the HTML5, because with it in the future, it’s going to be possible to make applications that will do anything like traditional applications that are currently equipped on all the “common” PC’s that have Windows, Mac or Linux.

The first Chromebooks are going to be available for sale on June 15 in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain and will be initially manufactured by Samsung and Acer.

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Samsung Series 9 Laptop Review: Features and Specifications

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Samsung’s Series 9 laptop is among the elite group of the Windows operating system, trying to fight against the popular Apple’s MacBook Air. Although Apple’s fans strongly disagree with the comparison, Samsung Series 9 laptop undoubtedly steal much of the Mac’s spotlight.

Whoever uses Samsung series greatly appreciates the power of it processor. If we compare Apple’s processor with Samsung, Samsung is unquestionably far better than Mac. Apple still comes with its two-generations-old Core 2 Duo, while the Series 9 comes with an incorporated Core i5 2537M, popularly known as “Sandy Bridge”. The ultralow-voltage CPU in the Series 9 is 1.4GHz and is much faster than Mac. Many argue the difference is not that much; but it actually is, it’s certainly noticeable.

Samsung 9 Series Laptop Review
The ultrathin Samsung Series 9 has another advantage, which is perhaps a very important aspect for many, especially those who frequently travel. The battery last for almost 6 hours, which is considerably good for netbooks. The Series 9 also comes with a 128GB SSD, which makes the system to retrieve data much faster than a hard drive and it boots faster. The hitch with Series 9 is if you want to play 3D games, it becomes a bit slow. Certainly Mac has a better resolution than Windows because Windows still heavily rely on Intel’s HD Graphics 3000, which is quite inferior to the integrated Nvidia GeForce 320M found in the MacBook Air.

Samsung claims that the exterior brushed-metal is made up of Duralium, an aluminum alloy used to fabricate airships and planes. But if you look at it, it definitely flaunts lots of attitude, and seems sturdy and stiff. The 1366 by 768 resolution is appropriate for its size. The lively color, powerful backlight and matte antiglare finish actually make it stand out.

The keyboard is relatively easy to type on. Samsung has a USB 2.0 port on each side, and displays a “sleep-and-charge” port that charge your system even when your laptop is asleep. It also comes with a Mini HDMI output port and slots of headphone/mic jack, and a microSD.

* Radiant antiglare screen
* Superslim firm metal body

* Expensive
* Sensitive clickpad

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Dell Inspiron 15z Laptop Review: Features and Specifications

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Dell has introduced its new Inspiron 15z Laptop, which is indeed an attractive device, especially for its ultra-mobile physique. The new slick, lightweight and ultra-modern notebook can be easily carried with ultra-low-voltage Intel® processors.

It has a 15.6-inch high-definition display, 7200 rpm hard drive and in-built 7-in-1 media card reader. Moreover, it comes with more than 8 hours battery back-up that surely a big gain during traveling.

Dell Inspiron 15z Laptop Review Features and Specifications

Inspiron 15z comes with a sleek design that can be placed in your bag. It doesn’t require a special laptop bag, which often looks very dull. The weight of the laptop is also considerably very less, only 4.8 lbs, which won’t bog you down. However, the best part of it, is the large 15.6-inch high-definition display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is nicely adjusted with its slim size. The notebook comes in Obsidian Black or optional bright Cherry Red.

Technical specifications
The laptop comes with reliable Intel processor with two options either Intel® Pentium®, Core™ 2 and Core™ 2 Duo processor. It also boasts of good memory of 4 GB double data rate. It seems a small device but don’t overlook its 500 GB hard drive space, therefore, you don’t need to worry about your movies, photos and other large media files.

It has a great mobile features, making you connected to the world, no matter wherever you are. It has the latest wireless connectivity: integrated WiFi.3. Also integrated 1.3 megapixel Webcam with in-built microphone showcases a great quality. However, to access those utility you will need an internet connectivity.

The battery life of this notebook is also very good, with optional six-cell battery, giving you at least 8 hours and 7 minutes of battery life. Moreover, the ExpressCharge™ feature charge your battery back to 80 percent in 60 minutes. It is a great advantage for people who travel often.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Notebook Review

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Every consumer wants to own a technologically rich device at a pocket friendly price. With continuous increase in competition, companies also try to present devices at very competitive and affordable prices. Following the same business principle, Chinese manufacturer Lenovo comes with its Y-models, trying to catch eyeballs of consumers with its trimmed down Thinkpad models (SL series e.g. SL500), its Workstations (e.g. Thinkpad W500) or the classic T-series (e.g. T500). This results into more performance-oriented multimedia options that surely attracts a large amount of people.

Lenovo Ideapad Y560 Laptop Gaming Computer
Lenovo is known for its low-priced office laptops and robust ThinkPads, but for the first time it comes up with a gamer notebook, consisting of ATI HD 5730, Core i7-720QM, 7200 rpm hard disk and JBL loudspeakers. The gadget costs around $900, which is surely an aggressive price for Lenovo, but the configuration and features are undoubtedly interesting.

Lenovo Y560 will appeal to more people for its classy and extravagant looks. The case is shaped by bronze band borders, which presents an alluring look rather than typical brown-black desert.

The user is presented with reflective high-gloss surfaces. It seems the company put special emphasis on the design part to give a glossy finish. Even the borders of the display and panel reflect a dazzling style. The only defect (small) is the matte keys, which somehow stands alone in midst of super glamor surroundings.

Lenovo Ideapad Y560 Laptop Gaming Computer
The hard disk is eSATA with no USB 3.0. The screen is flat and connected to the system via HDMI or via the analogue VGA interface. There is an option to upgrade as well. We can use the ExpressCard 34 slot to install FireWire, USB 3.0 or 7.2 sound output.

The connection seems uncomfortable for a few people because the heavy eSATA cable can occupy lots of space of your desk. However, the right placement of eSATA gives a comfortable adjustment to operate. The HDMI looks better on the left and VGA placed on the rear.

The performance of the notebook is quite satisfactory with the Intel Core i7-720QM. It has 6 MB of level 3 cache, the CPU is considered as one of the highest-performing processors. It also has an automatic dynamic overclocking of Turbo Boost. Also, the Hyper-Threading function creates a virtual core to each physical core. Thus, it uses eight threads at the same time. These eight threads use 2.2 GHz or similar.

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Alienware M18x: A Portable Gaming Machine from Another Galaxy

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Alienware notebooks always offer a very high performance and are designed specially for gamers who want to play games at the highest quality possible. Alienware offers high-end equipment with technical features that are hard to beat and the designs are some of the most spectacular and futuristic ever seen.

As the name suggests, the equipment seems to be from another galaxy and they are completely different to the traditional laptops that we see in the store. Following this trend, Alienware offers its latest portable gaming machine model, the M18x, which really dazzles both by its exterior and interior. Thanks to its agreement with Dell, more gamers can now enjoy all their models in other countries than just the USA and can be acquired through Dell’s website. If you love video games and want to enjoy the most demanding games, not only at home, but anywhere, then there’s nothing better than the Alienware M18X. However, start saving or preparing to spend a big chunk of cash. These are no gaming equipment for all budgets and are not affordable for the average buyer.

Alienware M18x Photo
But if you can afford this new laptop, for sure you are going to have a really superb gaming machine. Inside it has one of the most powerful processors in the market, Intel Quad Core Extreme i7 running at 4 GHz. If we add up to 32 GB of RAM DDR3 at 1600 MHz, you get the idea of ​​the beast, which offers a tremendous potential. Any game at its maximum or other application for this laptop is a joke. As today’s games are very demanding in terms of requirements, nothing better than to offer the choice between NVIDIA SLI dual graphics or CrossFireX AMD (to get an idea, CrossFireX card models sell on the market at around 1,000 dollars). The graphic quality is indeed from another planet.

As in the other characteristics of the equipment, the hard disk will have some configuration freedom to set our media in terms of its capacity. What does not vary is its hybrid hard disk standard hard drives and SSDs, which ensures the maximum speed.

Alienware M18x Photo
But of course, to enjoy the picture quality is so important to have a screen to handle the graphics card. And as one would expect it’s very impressive. It’s a LED type with 18.4-inch Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

The number of connections that this computer has is almost endless: Ultimate-N 6300 WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n compliant dual-band connectivity to 2.4 GHz and 5.2 GHz, 4 USB ports (two of type 3.0 and other two 2.0), 1 output HDMI 1.4 and one input HDMI 1.3 that will allow us to connect to an external screen with the highest quality audio and video, a VGA port or a memory card reader 9 in 1.

Alienware M18x Photo
In terms of design, as is usual within the brand it will offer a portable gaming machine that’s powerful, rugged and spectacular, with a futuristic look. The materials used are of high quality and allow a great resistance. Obviously a laptop of this size and with these components suffers in its size and weight that is well above usual.

The M18X information is available on Dell’s website, but we still don’t know the release date (although it should be imminent) or price. Although it will most likely not be below $3,000 at its most basic configuration. A luxury for those who want the latest technology and can afford to pay a high price for playing games with maximum power.

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7 Things You Should Never do to Your Computer

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Most computers have a long lasting life. But that is not always the case if used improperly. In this article we’ll give you a few tips to keep your computer running smoothly and reduce any type of misuse (damage) risk.

7 things you should not do:

1. Never turn off the computer while it’s still in operation.
First you must close all programs and then proceed to shutdown properly. Usually this can be accomplished by going to “Start –> Shut Down.”
Shutting down a computer incorrectly can cause problems, because operating systems need to close all open programs and store all documents and system files.

2. Do not delete unknown files.
Many people spend time deleting folders and files. This is a good method for cleaning and freeing disk space. But this “cleaning” should not be done by randomly deleting files, since there are files that perform important functions for the proper functioning of programs and some hardware. Doing so would cause major problems to your PC.

Sick Computer
3. Never install suspicious programs.
The pirated software, copying, or of unknown origin, often carry viruses that can wreak havoc your computer. It some cases, they can even cause the PC to completely stop working.
Before downloading a program and installing them, you should perform a security scan. To scan any new software, you simply need to right click on the file or folder and select Scan with Norton, AVG or whichever security program is installed on your computer.

4. Do not format the hard disk.
This completely erases all information stored and should only be done if really necessary needed. Such as in the case that a very malicious virus has infected the disk and you weren’t able to remove it. Remember to back up your data before formatting and that it’s done by a professional technician.

5. Never install a new program without creating a restore point.
Before installing the software, make sure to set a restore point in case the new program generates problems. That way you can retrieve all information through a system restore.

6. Do not forget to verify your anti-virus software weekly.
The best recommendation is to perform a full scan, deep, better known as “Full” and check for weekly and verify daily updates of the anti-virus program or set it up so that it’s done automatically.

7. Never use the CD tray for carrying objects.
It may sound crazy, but there are people who use it for that purpose. It is not recommended to eat, drink and much less smoke while operating the machine. Food can generate crumbs that go inside the keyboard, mouse, CPU and ca alter their function. Fluids can cause much worse damage than that caused by solids and the smoke from tobacco may delay the inner functions of fans, generating faults in the components.

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Increase The Duration of Your Laptop’s Battery

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One of Windows Vista problems is that if you use it on a laptop, it consumes a lot of the battery’s power. This is because it uses more resources to run all its functions. This is a serious problem given that most of the new netbooks have a very limited battery.

To solve this problem, one option is to turn off the elements that we don’t use constantly such as the sidebar or bluetooth. But it’s tedious to do manually. That is why today we present Aerofoil, a software that will help increase the battery duration of a laptop if you are using Windows Vista.

How does Aerofoil work?, it disables some unnecessary features like AeroGlass or gadgets. You can also put it in Auto Power Plan, which will automatically disable what you are not using so that you don’t use more energy than you need to.

The latest version (1.5.1) can also help if you are using or going to use the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

I highly recommend that you use Aerofoil if you are going to travel and need to get the most out of your battery.

Download: Aerofoil

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