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Every consumer wants to own a technologically rich device at a pocket friendly price. With continuous increase in competition, companies also try to present devices at very competitive and affordable prices. Following the same business principle, Chinese manufacturer Lenovo comes with its Y-models, trying to catch eyeballs of consumers with its trimmed down Thinkpad models (SL series e.g. SL500), its Workstations (e.g. Thinkpad W500) or the classic T-series (e.g. T500). This results into more performance-oriented multimedia options that surely attracts a large amount of people.

Lenovo Ideapad Y560 Laptop Gaming Computer
Lenovo is known for its low-priced office laptops and robust ThinkPads, but for the first time it comes up with a gamer notebook, consisting of ATI HD 5730, Core i7-720QM, 7200 rpm hard disk and JBL loudspeakers. The gadget costs around $900, which is surely an aggressive price for Lenovo, but the configuration and features are undoubtedly interesting.

Lenovo Y560 will appeal to more people for its classy and extravagant looks. The case is shaped by bronze band borders, which presents an alluring look rather than typical brown-black desert.

The user is presented with reflective high-gloss surfaces. It seems the company put special emphasis on the design part to give a glossy finish. Even the borders of the display and panel reflect a dazzling style. The only defect (small) is the matte keys, which somehow stands alone in midst of super glamor surroundings.

Lenovo Ideapad Y560 Laptop Gaming Computer
The hard disk is eSATA with no USB 3.0. The screen is flat and connected to the system via HDMI or via the analogue VGA interface. There is an option to upgrade as well. We can use the ExpressCard 34 slot to install FireWire, USB 3.0 or 7.2 sound output.

The connection seems uncomfortable for a few people because the heavy eSATA cable can occupy lots of space of your desk. However, the right placement of eSATA gives a comfortable adjustment to operate. The HDMI looks better on the left and VGA placed on the rear.

The performance of the notebook is quite satisfactory with the Intel Core i7-720QM. It has 6 MB of level 3 cache, the CPU is considered as one of the highest-performing processors. It also has an automatic dynamic overclocking of Turbo Boost. Also, the Hyper-Threading function creates a virtual core to each physical core. Thus, it uses eight threads at the same time. These eight threads use 2.2 GHz or similar.

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