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PlayStation Network and Qriocity Return This Week

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There’s good news for all those who were already on the verge of exploding by the absence of the PlayStation Network and Qriocity service: this week all services will be back and users will be able to enjoy from this Internet service once again.

After the long wait that started April 20, 2011 and reached the month of May, the PlayStation Network and Qriocity users will be able to enjoy those services again, according to an official announcement that was made yesterday at the official PlayStation blog. This statement was a summary of the words of Kaz Hirai, Sony’s VP, who met with a group of reporters in Tokyo, Japan yesterday morning to explain the new changes in the system from Sony.

At the press conference that was held yesterday, Kaz Hirai only referred to part of the history that led to the closure of Sony’s online service. He stated that the PlayStation Network and Qriocity service was suspended immediately once it was detected the intrusion of an unauthorized element. He also said that after the shutdown of the network to all users in the world, Sony’s management contacted several security companies with the intention of finding out what really happened and to what extent did the attacker access the data stored in their databases.

Kaz informed the media that the issue is now in the hands of the FBI, because to them, this attack on their network is considered a criminal act and that it’s unknown from which part of the world the attack was made.

Technically speaking, the announcement made at the PlayStation Blog, which echoes the words of Kaz, the online service will be restored gradually this week. For its implementation, it will be done is the form of phases. The first services that are going to be available will be for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PSP (PlayStation Portable); this includes those titles that require verification in the network and those games that can be downloaded online. More services will become available subsequently in the following days after, until bringing all the services back up like Sony had them set before the day of the attack.

Sony PlayStation Network Qriocity Hacked
Lastly, in the statement Sony emphasized all the measures taken to avoid the re-occurrence of such incidents. Some of those measures include; updating of user data, including changing password and reconfiguration of the accounts. Sony has also announced other measures such as changing its physical data center location to a new facility, as well as the update of security software and changes of the mechanism of setting up theri new anti hackers protocol.

So now you know, Sony’s system will be gradually restored this week. Exactly when? We’re still not sure, it can be today, tomorrow, or by the end of the week. Just stay alert, it will be done by geographical areas.

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