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Unique Features That Have Made Apple iPad 4 a Popular Device

Unique Features That Have Made Apple iPad 4 a Popular Device

Ever wondered what features made the Apple iPad 4 a popular device? Apple iPad 4 was released just eight months after the third generation. The new iPad comes with a Retina display. It is an upgrade from the third generation and it comes with innovative features that make it better than the previous model.

It features an A6X processor, a dual-band Wi-Fi that gives it enhanced wireless performance as well as a Face-Time camera that has a resolution of 720p for video call. Although this device has the same size with Apple iPad 3, it has a lighting connector which replaces the 30-pin socket bringing it in line with iPhone 5. Thus, if you intend to use your iPhone 4 with existing docks or accessories you will need a lighting adapter.

Unique Features That Have Made Apple iPad 4 a Popular Device

Beautiful and Immaculate Retina Display

This device has a beautiful and immaculate retina display. It is gleam and pin-sharp with all details. If you are looking for a device that allows you to brush the screen easily, then this device is the best option for you. When it comes to connectivity, iPad 4 comes with faster connectivity for individuals who opt for cellular and Wi-Fi models. The device has different bands that are compatible with EE 4G LTE connections.

The CPU of this iPad model is different from that of the third generation device. It has an upgraded processor from A5X to A6X. This gives the device better performance when booting. It also gives it improved graphics. In addition, the new CPU enhances performance in terms of power efficiency and gaming. With a new processor, Apple iPad 4 open applications faster, it also has better internet connectivity as well as web pages building.

iPad 4 Review: Characteristics

Battery life of this device is still as good as that of the third generation of Apple iPad. Just like Apple iPad 3, you can leave this device in a drawer for up to three weeks and find that it will still have sufficient charge. This makes this device suitable for individuals who like using their iPad for watching movies, playing games and browsing the internet.

Apple iPad 4 has a size that is similar to that of its previous models. However, the retina display feature of this device makes a big difference. It has changed everything from movie watching to photo editing. This display makes things vibrant, crisp and inviting. In addition, the A6X processor increases the operating speed of this device. It enables the device to execute simple tasks such as switching menus and opening apps quick and easier.

Apple iPad 4 Is Much Better Than Previous Models

Basically, if you owned a previous model of Apple iPad, you cannot help but notice these changes. The iLife applications such as iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand lets you create and consume content with ease using this device. The large size of the screen of this device enhances making of serious movies and editing photos possible. Its easy operations makes carrying out various tasks possible even for beginners. Sound and video qualities of this device are great.

Apple iPad 4 Features

Generally, this device is an innovative product that meets expectations of many consumers. The increased speed by the processing power as well as the all-round performance makes Apple iPad 4 another quality products from this company.

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Apple iPads: The Ultimate Gizmos!

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Apple iPads: The Ultimate Gizmos!Apple iPad is a tablet device from Apple and is getting a lot of attention from the gizmo freaks and avid users. The situation is like a dream come true for the addicts. They are also getting some fantastic deals on the iPads which makes them even happier. The Apple iPads come with a 3G enabled format and also a Wi-Fi enable version. The network service is pretty much a necessity for using the former module but the later can be utilized to a limited mobility range by using wireless internet. You will need an internet service provider for using these devices. The deals offered on the iPad are in various combinations and you select one that is most suitable to you. All leading network providers offer cheap deals on iPads to fully exploit the constantly growing demand of the tablet device.

Apple iPads: The Ultimate Gizmos!

Software of Apple iPads

The iPad software will appear familiar as you must have used it on the iPhone. The interface is slick, natural and simple. The device uses software which offers fantastic speed allowing you to move through a web page in a single swipe. The iPad is distinctively thinner and boasts of front and rear cameras, a quick processor, FaceTime video chatting and also 3G options in Verizon and AT&T. The base model of Apple iPads give you storage of 16 GB and the higher versions offer 32GB and 64GB.

Cons of Apple iPads

Apple iPads got very few negative points. But some of them are: the screen resolution has not really changed, the image quality is pretty mediocre. They are still not offering support for Adobe Flash. All the ports for USB, SD and DMI need adapters.

Summary of Apple iPads

But the bottom line actually is that the iPad is a top class product. It is quite simple to use due to its excellent interface and offers a great range of apps. The best part is the battery life which puts other competitors to shame and bolsters Apple iPad’s claim to be the best tablet. I am certain that its competition must actually hate the iPad and Apple. It was the tablet of the year in 2010. Apple sold millions of copies despite global economic crisis.

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How to Connect an iPad to WiFi: Step by Step Instructions

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How to Connect an iPad to WiFi: Step by Step – All iPad models are equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to surf the Internet, send and receive emails and other functions online by connecting to a wireless network router. The iPad can connect to a secure network as well as an insecure, even though the first requires a password to access the WiFi router’s signal. The device remembers the details of connecting to any network that has been previously connected and reconnects when in range.

How to Connect an iPad to WiFi: Step by Step Instructions

Steps to connect an iPad to WiFi:

Step 1. Load application “Settings” in the iPad, clicking on its icon on the screen.

Step 2. Click the “Wi-Fi.” This will display a list of Wi-Fi networks in range in the “Choose a network”.

Step 3. Click a WiFi connection in the list of “Choose a Network” to connect. If you are asked (and it may take a few seconds to display the following screen), enter a password to gain access to the WiFi router.

Step 4. Finally, press “Join”, and the iPad will connect to the router and your Wi-Fi while in range.

Simply Connect an iPad to WiFi

As you can see, connecting an iPad to WiFi is pretty simple. It really takes only a maximum of 5 minutes if you are a completely noob. After your successfully connect and iPad to WiFi the first time, the second time and thereafter should only take you about 5 seconds.

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5 Free Calculator Applications for iPad

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For users who want an iPad calculator application that is easy and free, here we have 5 different options so that they can do their calculations in a more practical way from their iPad.

1. Jumbo Calculator
The first calculator is Jumbo Calculator. It’s a simple application that is known for having large buttons. This calculator allows you to perform basic operations such as: addition, subtraction and division.

Jumbo Calculator iPad App
2. PowerOne Scientific Calculator
PowerOne Scientific Calculator is another iPad calculator. With this tool you can conduct scientific calculations, it allows you to customize features and save some calculations for later use.

PowerOne Scientific Calculator iPad Application
3. PCalc Lite
Another calculator is PCalc Lite, it allows you to perform scientific calculations and is characterized by the option to undo and redo. It also has the functions SIN, COS and TAN.

PCalc Lite iPad Application
4. Free Calculator
On the other hand, Free Calculator lets you combine simple operations with some scientific. It allows you to change the background and is an ideal choice to do simple and very practical operations from your iPad.

Calculator For iPad Free App
5. Big Free Calculator App
Lastly, we have Big Free Calculator App. An application that covers 10 inches of the screen, you can adjust the buttons to the desired size and perform calculations from basic to some scientific.

Big Calculator Free iPad Application

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Microsoft Bing for iPad is Here

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Although we’re talking about two of the biggest rivals in the history of the technological world, nobody can deny the importance the iPad has taken since it was launched. So it’s no surprise to find out that Microsoft plans to launch a new application to use in the Apple tablet.

Unlike the traditional search form that can be used in all Apple products, the application “Bing for iPad” is a native software with a revolutionary search engine that benefits greatly from the new tablet screen.

All known Bing services can be found in this application, including: traditional searches, access to news and charts and a network of local businesses. All searches can be done with text or voice.

Microsoft Bing for iPad
Bing for iPad also allows us to keep up with a lot of current issues, such as time, the value of the stock market shares and the most popular searches of the day. It also includes the Homepage Image function, which has become one of the most interesting features from Bing.

The only drawback of this first release is the lack of features for Bing Maps. In this first version we can not find the transit directions or the integration with Facebook and Foursquare that can be enjoyed on the iPhone app.

Lastly, we must say that Bing for iPad is free and only works on the systems iOS 4.2 or higher.

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What’s New About Apple’s iPad 2

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The new iPad 2 is basically a more powerful version than the previous one, with a thinner and lighter design, gyroscope sensor and FaceTime support with the addition of a front and rear camera. The second generation of Apple’s tablet has it all.

Apple iPad 2
The iPad 2 has an A5 chip, a dual-core processor of 1 GHz, twice as powerful than the previous model which integrates a GPU nine times more powerful maintaining the same consumption and allows Video mirroring through it’s output (new HDMI adapter) with Full HD quality.

Another new feature of the iPad 2 is it’s rounded design, considerably thinner (only 134mm 88mm compared to the iPad 1) and more lightweight (601 grams against 680 of the previous base model and 613 against 730 of the 3G version.) The iPad 2 will be available in two colors, black and white. Both colors will be available from day one and at the same price.

The iPad 2 includes a rear camera with an option to record videos in HD (720p) with audio and can take pictures with 5 megapixel resolution. But that’s not all, it also has a camera in the front with VGA quality to make video calls with FaceTime. It has the same three-axis gyroscope as the iPhone 4 and fourth-generation iPod touch to ensure high accuracy in motion detection.

The rest are common applications included in the same family of devices with iOS: Wi-Fi 802n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, digital compass, assisted GPS in addition to the same 9.7 inches LED display screen, with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution and 10 hours of battery duration, the same as in the first generation.

The iPad 2 went on sale Friday March 11 in the U.S., while in Spain (and 26 other countries) it will be released on the 25th of March, at the same price and capacity (versions Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3G of 16, 32 and 64 GB) from the previous model.

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What to Expect for the iPad 2: Features and Specifications Rumors

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What to Expect for the iPad 2 – It’s amazing the amount of rumors revolving around the release of the iPad 2 since the year started. This is probably the most anticipated gadget for 2011. But now we know some specifications that will most likely be included in the iPad 2. This official information was provided by Ming-Chi Kuo, a Concord Securities analyst. The information is based on analyzing the parts provided by various companies that manufacture parts for Apple products (including Samsung, Toshiba, and Broadcom).

What to Expect for the iPad 2: Features and Specifications Rumors

Expected Specifications of the iPad 2

According to the information provided, the iPad 2 uses the same screen resolution as the previous model (1024 x 768 pixels), but this time it will have anti-reflective technology which allows the screen to be readable even in really bright places (a large advantage when compared with the Kindle). The device will be between 30 and 35% thinner than its predecessor. Other details mentioned indicate that it will have a Cortex-A9 dual-core processor running at 1.2 GHz, which represents a 1-2% increase in processing speed.

The iPad 2 will use a dual-core SGX543 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) from Imagination Technlogies. It will be much more powerful than the previously used. It will also include a card of 512 MB RAM (twice the iPad 1) with a clock speed of 1,066 MHz.

Additional Expected Features of the iPad 2

The device includes two cameras, a 0.3 Megapixel sensor on the front and a 1 Megapixel sensor on the rear. Rear camera is for applications such as video recording and augmented reality. We should note that this cameras are less sophisticated than those already used on the iPhone. Finally, the report states that the production of components has already started and is estimated to produce between 4.5 and 5 million units in the first quarter of the year. The anticipated release of the iPad 2 is rumored to be the first or second Saturday of April.

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