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Facebook Blocks the Facebook Friend Exporter Plugin

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Facebook Blocks the Facebook Friend Exporter Plugin – The Facebook Friend Exporter application, a Google Chrome extension, was blocked by Facebook in a clear attempt to prevent its users from exporting the entire list of friends to the new Google Plus social network.

Facebook is trying so hard to not allow you to export your friends,” says the creator of the application, Mohamed Masnour on their official website.

Facebook Blocks the Facebook Friend Exporter Plugin

What is the Facebook Friend Exporter?

Facebook Friend Exporter it’s a simple extension that allowed you to take phones and email accounts of your Facebook friends and add them to your Google contacts.

Popularity of the Facebook Friend Exporter

A couple of weeks ago this plugin was not very popular, but with the launch of Google Plus the use of this application rose exponentially to superlative levels.

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Facebook Has Hired a Hacker: GeoHot

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Facebook Has Hired a Hacker: GeoHot – According to reports from Tech Unwrapped, Facebook has hired the well-known hacker George Hotz, the cyber pirate who has publicly accepted to have attacked the tech giants Apple and Sony.

According to the sources of this site, Hotz had been invited to a challenge to hack the iPad 2, but due to his new job at the largest social network in the world, he had resigned the contest. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that Hotz is currently employed at Facebook.

Facebook Has Hired a Hacker: GeoHot

George Hotz gained popularity in 2008 when he was able to crack the iPhone, unlocking the phone from its exclusive provider, AT&T, and allowing the popular Apple device to be used on other networks. But he is known more as the famous hacker who managed to break the security of the PlayStation 3.

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Upload Videos to Facebook from Your Android Cell Phone

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For those who have an Android cell phone and like to upload videos to Facebook, here we have an application that allows you to do so from your mobile device.

We are talking about “Video to Facebook“, a very useful application, because most mobile phone can’t upload videos to social networks. In addition, this application lets you write on the wall of your contacts, check your inbox and upload photos to the network.

Video to Facebook Android Application
Video to Facebook is a free application and without doubt, a very handy tool that allow us to keep in touch with our friends on Facebook.

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Top 20 Most Addictive Facebook Games

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Although we all know that the original idea of Facebook is to unite people by been a good social network, the reality is that it has become the perfect place where we can spend many hours per day playing with one of the thousands of games that are available in Facebook.

As you can imagine, the majority of these games are small applications that are only good for messing around while we have some free time or waiting for something. But there are a few games that have raised their level and have become real challenges for its millions of users.

Best Facebook Games - Top 20
To nobody’s surprise, the games developed by Zynga that belong to the family “Ville” have reached the top spots, with several versions (Farmville, FishVille and PetVille) taking place in the Top 10.

The top 20 most addictive games on Facebook are:
Café World
Texas HoldEm Poker
Mafia Wars
MindJolt Games
Pet Society
Zoo World
Restaurant City
Social City
Happy Island
Bejeweled Blitz
Country Life
Fish World
My City Life
Hero World
My Stuff
Barn Buddy

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Beware of Facebook Scams

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No place is safe to enter our personal information, unless it’s an official company site or a web page where we are completely sure its secure. Other than that, no website is safe when we enter our full name, home address, email address, or phone number, and more dangerously, our number of credit card or bank account. Never leave your data exposed.

Now it looks like Facebook is the new target of scammers. They are trying to take advantage of the popularity of the social networking site. But how? It’s actually much simpler than what you may think. How many applications have you installed without really knowing what it is? Remember the: “How to know who has viewed your profile?” Or “Who blocked you?” Well in reality there is no known, or at least there’s no official way to know who has viewed or blocked you. But many people don’t know that and they are eager to know who blocked or viewed their profile. So when they hear they can do so by downloading or installing an application, they do it immediately without verifying the app is valid or not.

Facebook Logo Scams Security Issues
They way this scams work is that they usually invite to accept an installation of something else other than just the application and in some cases they may request your personal data. Or when you want to revise a PDF document or other file on the network they ask you to fill out a form. Be careful when you are asked something like that, because most likely it’s a scam.

It’s evident that it has become very popular to send invites for different events through Facebook. Events of all kinds, from conferences, seminars, workshops and more. This is the last of the techniques being used to attract attention from users: personal data and if possible, some money for registration.

According to a report of TrendMicro, a considerable number of users have registered in recent times in some kind of online event they believed to be real. But in reality it ended up to be the work of spammers or fraudsters. This type of activity, along with misleading advertising is one of the current sources of fraud and theft of personal information. To make them more attractive, they use their imagination in the writing of names and subjects that may tempt even the highest skeptics.

So my suggestion is that when you install an application or open a file (especially in a website like Facebook) and see that they ask for your personal information and other vital information, either don’t install the application or investigate whether they application is safe or not. It is better to have excessive distrust, than to end with empty pockets. So be very careful.

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Facebook Launches Facebook Questions – Ask Anything You Want!

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Facebook launched a service that is very similar to “Yahoo Answers”, a place where users can ask questions that can be answered by the entire Facebook community. It’s usual to see users posting questions on their wall, so Facebook has created a “special” space where people can ask questions they want and have an entire community of Facebook users to respond.

Facebook Launches Facebook Questions
The new feature is in beta since July and has gradually been extended to more and more users. Questions can also be performed as surveys, where you ask a question and then leave a number of options for people to vote for the best answer or their opinion. Also, you can follow questions that grab your attention and receive notifications every time someone suggests an answer to that question.

One thing to keep in mind is that Facebook Questions has no privacy settings, all questions are public and visible to anyone on the Internet. So all Facebook users will see your question and answers.

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Post Voice Messages on Facebook with MyMic

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For Facebook users who like to constantly update their status, here is a new application which allows you to leave voice messages on your wall. The app we’re talking about is called MyMic.

MyMic functions as a social network application. It lets you record voice messages of up to 20 seconds, which will be published immediately right on your Facebook wall. It is no longer necessary to use the keyboard to share your ideas or mood with your contacts.

MyMic Facebook Voice Messages
MyMic application is free and to use it you must access the site and select the option “Allow” to start using it and leave voice messages on your wall.

Link: Start Voice Messaging

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Listen to Music on Facebook With musiQUO

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This application is ideal for all music fans and users of the Facebook social network. MusiQUO is a Facebook application that allows online music playing completely free of charge while navigating the site.

All we need do is follow the link at the bottom of the article and allow the application access to our information, like we always do when we use a Facebook application. After that we will be able start listening to music of our favorite artists on facebook.

The application is very simple to use and even gives us the ability to post on our wall the song we are listening at any given time.

Link: musiQUO

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