Listen to Music on Facebook With musiQUO

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This application is ideal for all music fans and users of the Facebook social network. MusiQUO is a Facebook application that allows online music playing completely free of charge while navigating the site.

All we need do is follow the link at the bottom of the article and allow the application access to our information, like we always do when we use a Facebook application. After that we will be able start listening to music of our favorite artists on facebook.

The application is very simple to use and even gives us the ability to post on our wall the song we are listening at any given time.

Link: musiQUO

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    1. I searched online to see if I could find an official website, but I couldn’t find one. I believe musiQUO is only available via facebook apps. Therefore I don’t think it’s available for twitter.

  1. I clicked the link on your post below to see the application myself. Unfortunately, I was not redirected unto it. Any suggestions?

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