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Best 5 Restaurant Locator Apps

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What’s a techie to do when he’s running errands and suddenly feels hunger pangs? Find food with these top restaurant locating apps, of course!

Urban Spoon

There is perhaps no food finding app more ubiquitous than UrbanSpoon, a website powered buy user reviews that is also available as an iPhone app. This app uses a randomizer to help users find food within specific cuisines, locales and even price points. When the user isn’t in the mood for a surprise, a standard search feature offers a more straight-forward approach to finding some tasty grub.

Open Table

OpenTable is a free app that is available to hungry mobile users on a variety of operating systems. Windows, BlackBerry, Apple and Android owners are all in luck with this one, which allows them to not only locate nearby restaurants but to find those that are accepting reservations and make those reservations directly from their phones. Reservation service is not available during BlackBerry outages, but this is a good app nonetheless. Only restaurants that are enrolled into the app’s program allow people to make reservations; however, many of them offer complete menus.


Another app that allows mobile users to make reservations it Zagat. However, it’s the review feature that gives this app a leg up, at least when it comes to restaurants in populated areas. Zagat’s app offers a wealth of information about restaurants in the area, and it even recommends eateries based on occasions. It’s never been easier to find a place to host a birthday dinner or to have a first date. This app by Handmark Inc. does have a steep price tag of $9.99, however.

Restaurant Locator Apps


Wit so many new apps, it can be easy to forget that Yelp was among the first to help smartphone users find all sorts of local businesses. The website and app are populated with reviews from real people, giving the down-low on all sorts of restaurants and cafes. The ability to write reviews directly from the app adds to this app’s universal appeal, and users can even interact with other friends via Yelp. Unfortunately, some businesses have been suspected of padding their pages with false positive reviews, so users should take overly optimistic restaurant reviews with a grain of salt.


Finally, this app shows reviews, menus, locations and even deals for local restaurants all in once place. FastFood even offers recipes, drinks and nutritional information for over 100,000 grocery items. When making a fancy dinner at home or wanting to grab a quick dinner before a night on the town, FastFood is the app to use. There’s even an HD version for iPad users that makes better use of the large screen.

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New Facebook App for Blackberry

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The new Facebook app for Blackberry is now available. Here at GizmoHub we will let you know which improvements are included.

The 2.0 version of Facebook for the company named Research In Motion (RIM) was worked by developers to be compatible with version 6.0 of the Blackberry OS or higher (of course, this version is designed to be used for both mobile and the Tablet manufactured by the company)

New Facebook for Blackberry
It can be downloaded from the BlackBerry® Beta Zone, a place where RIM offers users brand new applications to be tested and it’s approximately 150 megabytes (enough to be considered a mobile application). You can register there to experience of product enhancements that RIM offers before anyone, but unfortunately it has no service registration available for all countries yet (for example, Latin America is not included).

Among the new features included in this new version for Facebook it’s the chat, in addition to the known options to access the latest news, profile, messages, search, friends and places as you normally would do from a conventional PC .

We must always remember that the Blackberry platform that offers users to manage all data is within the same telephone service and a meticulous and closed security, and while we have access to social networks from the browser, the functionality is not the same .

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Your Smartphone Can be the Key to your Door

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Technology is ready to “invade” our everyday life. Because it’s doing it gradually, we are not aware of the impact of the “invasion”. Today, few people can live without their cellphone and in the coming years, the smartphone will be a valuable aid in our lives, from social to the fact… that it will be able to open the door of our house.

It may seem unreal, but the truth is that today we have at the tip of the finger a lot of information vital to our survival.

What do you think about using your smartphone to open the door of our house? Easy, buy a Lockitron kit!

It’s not news that the iPhone, for example, can open doors or drive a car remotely. The most interesting fact is that these small “luxuries” can be purchased at affordable prices.

Lockitron Lock Unlock Door Remotely With Smartphone
Lockitron is a technology of locks that takes advantage of new technologies that are found on smartphones. Google launched the Nexus S, which is equipped with the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

This technology allows you to control systems that monitor the doors that are equipped with this type of lock.

Moreover, the devices allow Lockitron to also make use of WiFi communications and so we can provide access to a friend or family member to our home or office, without us having to get up when our guests arrive. If we are not home and we need someone with access to our home, we send a code via SMS and this will be attended by the service that supports the technology embedded in the lock. Of course, the traditional use of a physical key is provided.

The value of the kit is already on sale for $295. Service is still in beta.

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Applications to Block Unwanted Calls

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The phone rings and you find out that it’s someone who you don’t want to answer to: the bank, call centers, wrong number, or that person you don’t want to know anything from them. What you need is an app to block these unwanted incoming calls.

If you let the cell phone ring once and then send them to your voice mail, the person will know that you are avoiding them, then the best option is to send them directly to your voice mail. That way the person will think your phone is turned off or the battery discharged. There are many applications that can do this, below are 4 of the best ones available:

Call Block Stop Unwanted Calls
Callblock for iPhone

It has a database of undesirable telephone numbers (mostly banks) where you can choose which telephone numbers you want to block, plus you can add the personal numbers of those who you don’t want to know anything about. It costs $2 and can be purchased through the iTunes Store.

Advanced Call Blocker for Android

After you install this app you only need to add the phone numbers you want to blacklist, so you can send unwanted calls straight to the voice mail and even block them from leaving you voice mail messages. You can also block SMS from the same numbers. It costs $3 and it’s available through Androidzoom.

Cerberus Call Filter for BlackBerry

Create a blacklist of undesirable telephone numbers or add your own groups of contacts, you can easily block them and reinstate them to avoid calls for certain periods of time. It costs $5 and can be purchased through the BlackBerry Store.

BlackballerCall & SMS filter for Symbian

Filters calls and text messages for Symbian S60 devices. It also allows to automatically answer calls if preferred. It costs $4 and it’s available through Ovi.

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The Best Free Games For Android – Top 5

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Despite its short time on the market compared to many of its rivals, Android has become one of the most important mobile platforms today.

Today we can find any virtual application (app) we can imagine for this operating system, including some of the best games. Below are 5 of the best free games you can download for you Android.

Top Android Games
With the creation of Android Marketplace, Android users can download thousands of applications, games and more to your SmartPhone. The big advantage of the Android Marketplace is that many applications don’t cost a penny, unlike other operating systems.

Many are still under the impression that free games and free applications are of poor quality or that may contain some viruses. But the truth is that today there are many high quality free games that can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you want to start playing with your new SmartPhone, here’s the 5 best free games for Android.

1. Angry Birds

Possibly the most popular game of the moment, the version of Angry Birds for Android offers the same great game playing time as the other versions. The game is divided into 225 levels, which means hours and hours of playing.

2. Paper Toss

This game begun as an application for the iPhone. But it quickly spread to other mobile platforms and now we have the chance to try our aim with balls of paper from the comfort of our Android.

3. Free Sudoku

For those who believe that not all games should be a useless waste of time, here is a very interesting version of the classic Sudoku game that will allow us to spend time and work our mind at the same time.

4. The Great Land Grab

This addictive application is the perfect choice for those who want to relax a bit while enjoying their game. Users must buy as much territory as possible following different tactics.

5. Air Control

We end the list with a very interesting game that puts you in the shoes of an air traffic controller. We must avoid that the planes collide with each other. This can be achieved by providing the correct instructions.

Set a reasonable deadline for yourself, and do not let anything stand in the way of completing apps for writers windows that mission.

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Top 5 Antivirus Apps For Android

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Top 5 Antivirus Apps For Android – The immense popularity of the Android operating system is more than positive news for Google. But like all things in life, success may also have some negative consequences.

This is because hackers are always pointing their viruses to the most used. So it’s no a surprise that the Android has become a favorite target for digital criminals.

Considering that today’s smartphones include a lot of important information of individuals and in the future may even have our financial data, security is a very important issue.

Antivirus Apps For Android Protect Your Vital Information

To avoid the threats involved with using popular these systems, here is a list we recommend of the top 5 antivirus apps for Android. Which allow you to keep your phone and data safe from attacks.

Top 5 Antivirus Apps For Android

1. Free AntiVirus

This is a program that protects your phone from viruses, malware and threats of all kinds thanks to real-time performance. It also offers a filter for threats in messages, files, and more, making this an excellent antivirus app for android.

2. Super Security

Super Security was designed to operate without disturbing until it detects a problem. This means that it only appears to scan the memory or to upgrade to the newest version. An interesting detail regarding this great antivirus app for android is that it provides a secure area for storing images or data that you do not want to display.

3. USA Phone Spam Blocker

Although this is not exactly an antivirus app for android, this program allows you to block calls or spam messages. Includes a list of blocked numbers and allows you to search for new numbers to report suspected of spamming.

4. Lookout Mobile Security

One of the best antivirus applications for Android security. It helps to protect your device from viruses, store all data on backup or an external card and find your device with its GPS receiver.

5. Laser Anti-Virus

This system is actually not an antivirus app for android, but an action game that lets you point a laser to viruses before they attack your mobile phone. You can also upload your score and see your place in the world rankings.

Conclusion of Top 5 Antivirus Apps For Android

We hope these 5 antivirus apps for android will protect you gadget from any virus treats. If you have been using any of these applications, don’t hesitate to leave comment with your experience.

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