Internet Dongle – A Remarkable Gift of Spearhead Technology

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If you are experiencing problems with your cable internet connection, then you should try a dongle. This is a new device in the market. It is designed to improve internet connectivity. Most people today prefer to use internet dongles instead of cable connections. But the most important question is: What makes these dongles so special? Well, there are numerous benefits of using these devices. You should therefore start by understanding the types of benefits offered by these devices. That is the only way you will be able to make the most out of them. Here are some of the ways in which you are likely to benefit from the device.

Benefits of Using Internet Dongle

For starters, these devices are available for free when obtained with the contract. Most service providers offer these devices for free in an attempt to attract more customers. Therefore it is quite easy for you to get a reliable internet dongle for free. This in turn helps you to save money since you won’t have to install cable connections. Another importance of using dongles is the fact that they are portable. When you are going on a trip, it is important to keep in touch with your customers, friends and family via the internet. This is usually made possible by the use of internet dongles. These devices are available in small and sleek designs that enable users to carry them around more conveniently. This makes it easy for you to access internet from any location. As a business, you need to keep in touch with your customers all the time. That is why you need a reliable internet connection. An internet dongle will provide you adequate access to the internet. That way, you will be able to win your client’s confidence because you will be able to provide them with reliable and consistent services.

Internet dongles also help the user to cut down the cost of installing internet in their homes and offices since they won’t have to purchase expensive cables and any other equipment that is required for the installation of cable internet. What is more, dongles are ideal for laptops as well as desktops. Thus if you are looking for an easy way to access the internet without breaking your savings account, you should purchase the internet dongle. Another important thing about these devices is that they help to reduce energy consumption in the office and at home. Unlike the cable internet connection, dongles rely on your computer’s battery for power. This means that you will be in a position to reduce your monthly power bills by great measure.

It is also important to note that more sophisticated and dependable internet dongles have continued to emerge. For instance, you can access a 4G mobile internet dongle. This means that you will be in a position to access a faster and reliable internet connection. Dongles are also ideal for emergencies. In case your fixed cable internet connection develops a problem, you will be able to continue accessing adequate internet through the dongle.

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5 Tips To Keep Your iPhone 5 in Excellent Condition

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5 Tips To Keep Your iPhone 5 in Excellent Condition – Considering the price of the iPhone 5, you don’t want to deal with cases of repair and other inconveniences when it gets damaged. Yet, without proper maintenance and care, it is inevitable that your iPhone 5 will be damaged before you know it. As Apple fanatics prepare eagerly to buy the new iPhone 5 range, many are focusing on tips and tricks to keep their new gadget in high quality condition.

For instance, do you know the iPhone 5 is prone to have scratches on the side panels made of aluminum? Well, this is to be expected and especially if you carry your gadget in the pocket alongside your keys and change. To help you take good care of your iPhone 5, you should consider the following tips.

5 Tips To Keep Your iPhone 5 in Excellent Condition

1. Get it Protected

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your iPhone 5 is well protected. You can use protectors for the rear and front of the phone. These are essential for ensuring that it remains scratch free, and it will also ensure the gadget is protected from moisture, dirt, water droplets and sprays. The top option you should consider in this case is Invisible Shield. The best ones tend to be military grade, thin protective film and ultra tough, thus sticking to the screen of the iPhone 5 and warding off scuffs, scratches and fingerprints.

Apart from these screen protectors, you will also need to invest in a case. Whether it is designed from rubber, leather or any other type of material, it will ensure that your iPhone gadget is protected from impact in case it hits something that is hard or falls in the floor. Select a case that also comes with a cove for the front in order to ensure that when it touches down, it does not come into contact with the surface.

iPhone 5 Screen Protector

2. Keep it Cool

There are instances when your iPhone 5 gets abnormally hot. This can be attributed to a couple of factors, such as direct sunlight or excessive use, or been left in a room or car on hot days. Whenever this happens, it is advisable to cool it off before proceeding to use it. Place the phone somewhere where it cools and turn it off in order to ensure it cools off.

3. Clean it Regularly

You should always have a cloth that is made from microfiber ready. You can use this to wipe the screen and hence get rid of the dirt, moisture and oil. You should remove the iPhone 5 case once every week and wipe it in order to get rid of dust and dirt. You can also use compressed air cans or straws to blow the dust away if you cannot reach it with the cloth. In addition to this, you should also clean the case and on the inside.

iPhone 5 Battery Tips

4. Conserve the Battery Life

Protect the battery from degradation by ensuring it is charged properly at all times. Before you plug it, make sure that it is discharged and get hold of the handle rather than pull the cord. This is because it can damage the charger.

5. Download Apps and Media Files

These should be downloaded from sources that are not only trusted, but reliable as well. This is the only way to ensure that it is not affected by malware or damaged by other viruses. With proper usage and care, it is possible for you enjoy use of your iPhone 5 for longer durations.

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