Fitbit Flex: A perfect product for contemporary health

February 12, 2015

Fitbit Flex is a perfect product in accordance with the mindset of contemporary lifestyle. It itself is a trimmed, trendy stuff that can mate with you through out the day. It loves working, always. During your working hours the product keeps all record of the number of steps you climbed, the kms you covered, and the amount of fat your boil. Secret alarm, 24 x7 active: Even during your resting hour, the product keeps on working. It judges your pattern [...]

Huawei Ascend Mate 7: Octa-Core Processor Smartphone

January 17, 2015

Huawei is one of those Chinese manufacturers of smartphones that have proved to be premium manufacturers because their high end product and the affordable price range tags. And one of the similar solutions Huawei launched last year so called Huawei Ascend Mate 7. The new device Huawei Ascend Mate 7 is powered with the pretty good configuration that include the chipset carrying octa-core processor arranged in the big-little configuration as seen the Samsung Exynos Octa-Core chipset. And yes this chipset [...]

Snapdragon 810 comes between your excitement and Xperia Z4, Compact Concept Image makes it interesting

January 17, 2015

If upcoming 2015 is said to be one of the most exciting years for smartphone lovers, then stuffs like Sony Xperia Z4 are the one why it is said so. It was already in a lot of buzz, but it got hiked to many folds after the “Compact” mini edition surfaced. The device is the attention of designer Wan Mal’s latest idea that appears with a line-up of speculated specs for the smartphone. Display: Sony devices have been in centre [...]

Xperia z4 – What Smartphone Lovers Want to See

January 17, 2015

Sony Xperia Z3 has just arrived on the marketplace. But before it creates some buzz, the company is all set to come up with a more powerful more impressive smartphone to make an impact on its consumers. According to reports, the release of Sony Xperia Z4 isn’t far. A lot of rumours and expectations are also doing rounds. Here’s what people are talking about and expecting: The Release Date Well, nothing has been confirmed on this front. Hence, one can [...]

Apple Ipad Air 3 VS Ipad Air 2: The War Coming Soon

January 15, 2015

Apple got massive hit worldwide, today there are several people using the Apple devices. Now Apple plans to launch a new invention of Apple iPad. The developer hopes this future generation will get big success in the world market. The previous model of Apple iPad was impressive so many people likewise the people expect this same success in Apple iPad Air 3. The Apple iPad Air 2 is functioning all around the world presently. The developer adds some extra astonishing [...]

Things about dealguru by askme

August 28, 2014

What used to be a luxury which only few could afford, has indeed become a household requirement, now. Popularity along with rising rivalry has brought down the price of merchandises at lower levels. Hence, working with such terms in line, one of the online sites specifically AskMeBazaar has come up by giving an awesome extravagance and convenience of shopping in the Indian Design. The motive was to better enrich in addition to multiply the attempts of Indian shoppers. Hence, considering [...]

Download askme app and enjoy great deals

August 18, 2014

The efficiency of a Smartphone depends upon the programs the mobile device has, that’s like the more useful and helpful apps a Smartphone has, the easier it is for the user. The popularity and rise of Smartphones is evident everywhere and almost everyone has a Smartphone nowadays. Cellular Telephone fabricates have seen demand to create practical programs that help users cope and manage to take care of issues that affect their day to day lives. What is AskMe? AskMe is [...]

Galaxy S5 Full Review

July 4, 2014

Galaxy S5 looks pretty similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S4.  Galaxy S5 has upgraded specs which are almost identical to any high-end smartphone available in the market. Review- Design- It keeps a very similar design to the S4, exceptions are the size, which was to be enlarged to be able to fit in the 5.1-inch display and the metal bezels are noticeably bigger. The phone’s back is made out of plastic (giving it IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof capability). [...]

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