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How to Watch TV on Android – Android devices, small smartphones and tablets, open a world of possibilities that start with Web browsing, games and enjoying multimedia content.

To this we can add the ability to watch TV channels from different countries around the world via streaming transmission on our Android. With this option you can follow your favorite sports broadcasts, series, films, documentaries and all kinds of content wherever you are.

Best Ways to Watch TV on Android

Do be aware that streaming television generates high data traffic, so this option is best for those with a flat data rate plan or directly connected to a WiFi network.

How to Watch TV on Android

Completely Free Application to Watch TV on Android

Having given the above clarifications, we recommend theChanner to watch TV on Android. One of the few applications in the Android Market with whom you can really see different TV channels and it is completely free.

After you have it installed, you will have access to hundreds of television stations from around the world. The stations are organized in alphabetical order, by country and by language. You can also comment on Twitter and Facebook what you are about to watch TV on Android, directly from the application itself.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that such Internet transmissions are highly dependent on the bandwidth. Some channels that don’t get displayed or are choppy may be seen perfectly on another device or at other times depending on various factors.

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  1. Watching streaming TV from android is simple solution if we are on the way, and we don’t have laptop or internet cable. But using this will make internet billing very expensive.

  2. Watching TV on Android would be a lot more fun. Has anyone tried this out? Informative post, keep it up.

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