Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet: Incredible Gadget

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Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet – The new Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet introduced by Amazon is just superb. Its killer price tag amazes everybody. The color tablet gives a strong competition to other similar gadgets with its interesting and updated features.

Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet is a combination of looks and performance. Let’s know about the latest gizmo in details.

Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet: Incredible Gadget

Basic Features of Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet

The Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet has a startling 7 inch 16 million color display. Just like the iPad, it also has IPS panel, which means it has a wide viewing angle and great color diffusion. The resolution is pretty good – 169 megapixels, although its not as good as iPhone 4, but still better than iPad.

The screen of the tablet is protected by gorilla glass and the back is rubberized. The weight of the tablet is 14.6 pounces. The Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet is powered by dual core CPU and obviously it is equipped with Wi-Fi. The viewing of the content is flawless.

The Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet can not assist video calling or video conferencing since it does not have cameras or micro phones. Also it has memory of just 8 gigabytes which is not a whole lot. But the cache memory is always there to support.

User Friendly

Amazon has taken special care to make the tablet easy going for users, the same principle which Apple follows. As soon as you open your Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet, your name appears on the screen and you can start using your Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet without any set up. The interface is quite simple unlike that of Google and other Android tablets. The user is eased with the simplicity of tablet, i.e. a simple flip through the screen for books, music, movies and other exciting apps and an icon tray for our favorite stuff.

The web browser of the tablet known as Amazon Silk it’s very good at performance. It uses Amazon’s EC2 search engine for optimizing the web pages and pre processing. The feature of “Predictive Rendering” is also amazing, it detects browsing patterns and pre delivers the most used pages.

Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet: Incredible Gadget


The 7 inch color display of the Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet is pretty good. It’s not as magnificent as Retina display but still it is better than iPad display in pixel density. The colors also look fabulous.

Price of the Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet

The price at which this cool tablet is available is unbelievable. It is just $199 .

Hence, the Amazon Kindle Fire Full Color Tablet is an exciting gadget to have with you at such a killer price tag.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1: A Smart Remake of Tablets

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Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 – Lenovo has announced a very first of its kind, a high-resolution 7-inch tablet IdeaPad A1 to be released this September. The smart gadget is the first tablet with full GPS that can be used without any data connection and is priced below $200. For having the gadget, you may have to forgo the onboard storage, but not functions and apps. It is full of many other innovations too that make it adorable.

Features and Specifications of the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1

The Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 by Lenovo comes with an android 2.3 gingerbread which is obviously a surprise as the tablets usually have androids 3.2 version of honeycomb. Using gingerbread when android 3.2 is released is for no doubt a let down. It is not clear to what extent but Lenovo has made certain changes and introduced modifications by itself in the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 tablet. It claims that this model of Tablet would have its Launch Zone widget that was highly appreciated in the company’s first Tablet IdeaPad tablet K1.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 tablet is powered by 1 GHz single-core ARM cortex A8 processor. It has a high resolution 1024×600 pixels, 7 inches capacitive multi touch display with 170 pixels per inch which is very endearing and makes it sharper than screens of other expensive tablets including that of Apple ipad which has 132 pixels per inch. It has Wi-Fi which helps you to get connected with the internet wherever Wi-Fi connection is available. Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 has front and rear facing webcams which are of resolution 3 megapixels and the battery of the camera is rated at 7 web browsing hours.

Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1

The new Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 tablet is not too slim. It is 0.47 m thick which is around half of the thickness of other similar competitive tablets like Samsung original galaxy tab 7 model or Acer A100 tablet. The weight of the tablet is 0.88 pounds as compared to 0.92 pounds of Acer’s A100 tablet and likewise. The price of the tablet is so low because it does not have much on board storage. It comes with 2 GB of internal storage, though versions with higher capacity will be available. Adding to this, the Micro SD slot card will allow expansion up to 32 GB and a Micro USB port makes it very easy for you to upload the content from your computer.

Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 has inbuilt GPS which can be used without any data connection. And of course the included NavDroyd app can be used anytime. The superb Gizmo is bundled with lots of software, including the android market and the Lenovo’s own application store, Lenovo social touch social networking app and many more.

Summary of the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1

Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 has four different color options: Red, Light Blue, Black and White. It also features its magnesium alloy “roll cage” case design that protects the inner components with bumpers. Overall, the very much-awaited Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 is superb with all its fantastic apps, adorable features, and the looks of course.

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Motorola Xoom MZ601: Smart Gadget with Smart Features

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Motorola Xoom MZ601 is the latest gadget that was launched by Motorola in February 2011 with all new exciting features and apps. Many have liked the gizmo for its android features, the eye-catching looks and ultimate performance. It has been built superbly and its finishing is amazing.

The Motorola Xoom MZ601 is an android-based phone, which runs the latest v3.0 honeycomb of the Android OS. It is powered with a dual core 1 GHz ARM cortex A-9 processor, ULP Geforce GPU, Tegra 2 T20 chipset. It has a primary camera of 5 MP, 2592×1944 pixels, autofocus and a dual-LED flash featuring geo tagging. The secondary camera is 2 MP, which is basically used for video calling. The HD videos can be made with a speed of 720p @ 30 fps. Xoom MZ 601 features a TFT capacitive touch screen, 16 M colors, the resolution of the display is 800×1280 pixels, 10.1 inches. Other things that add shine to the display are multi touch input method, Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, along with the gyroscope and barometer sensors.

The Motorola Xoom MZ601 is available in three variants: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB plus 1GB ram installed in it. Memory expansion is supported by Micro SD card slot up to 32 GB. It has an excellent video play back time and can play videos for continuous 10 hours. One exciting benefit of the Motorola Xoom MZ601 is that you can play HD videos on your T.V with the help HDMI port. Adding to its features, it has Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, EDR and a Micro USBv2.0.

It is also powered with Wi-Fi (dual band) and of course 3G. It has 3.5 mm audio jack. There are many games in the phone and even more can be downloaded. It also features other social networking and Google apps. Ultimately, the phone is a hit and got good reviews from its customers. However, before making a decision to buy it, one should give a look at the Motorola Xoom MZ601 pros and cons.

Motorola Xoom MZ601

There are certain pros and cons of the Motorola Xoom MZ601 that we have elaborated below:

Pros of the Motorola Xoom MZ601

  • Android based Smartphone
  • Well finished and nicely built
  • Has same elements implemented differently like placement of power button
  • Wi-Fi, 3G and expandable memory up to 32 GB
  • High performance doesn’t slow down even due to multi- apps usage
  • Not locked to any cellular network
  • A web browser that can actually multi task properly

Cons of the Motorola Xoom MZ601

  • Immensely Glittery- fingerprints are visible easily
  • Has no support for GSM voice communication, voice call is not possible
  • Very less Tablet-friendly apps
  • Less battery backup- finishes very early as compared to the similar competitive phones
  • Heavy charger
  • The display is not pure white, looks off white
  • Expensive

Summary of the Motorola Xoom MZ601

So these are certain things which can be referred to for deciding whether to buy the Motorola Xoom NZ601 or not. One should take into consideration all the aspects before buying any gizmo, be it an ordinary phone or a smart phone. Overall, the Motorola Xoom MZ601 is a fantastic Smartphone.

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HP TouchPad Tablet Review: Features and Specifications

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HP TouchPad Tablet Review: Features and Specifications – It has been several months since Hewlett Packard announced the launch of its own tablet, HP TouchPad Tablet. But the specifications of it were revealed only a few days ago. Today GizmosHub will share them with you.

Web OS is the name of the operating system that will carry out all the tasks of the new tablet from HP, this new OS is entirely made ​​for the new tablet. In my opinion, that is a risky move for a company that doesn’t want to lose their piece of pie in the “tablets” market.

HP TouchPad Tablet Review: Features and Specifications

HP has done something incredible in terms of connectivity between the new tablet and the mobile phones palm. Content can be passed from one device to another with only pressing the palm on the screen of the tablet, the visual effect is pretty amazing. The fact that ​​it’s so easy, gives us great hope that the future connectivity between devices will be almost magical.

The specifications of the new HP TouchPad Tablet are:

Camera & Display
Camera – 1.3 Mega Pixels, Video, Video calling
Resolution – 1280×1024 Pixels
Screen Display – 9.7 inches, TFT Capacitive TouchScreen with 16 Million colors, Resolution – 768-by-1024-pixel

HP webOS 3.0 Operating System, 1.2 GHz Scorpion dual-core processor, Qualcomm APQ8060 Snapdragon chipset
16GB or 32GB flash drive

Special Features
Accelerometer sensor for User Interace auto-rotate
Gyroscope sensor
Adobe Flash 10.1 support
Touchstone technology
Multi-touch input method
Document viewer & editor
Digital compass
Predictive text input
Audio, video Recorder & Playback
MP3, MP4 Player
MP3 Ring tones

Connectivity Options – Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth v2.1, A2DP + EDR technology, GPS, HTML Internet Browser
I/O Ports – Micro USB v2.0, 3.5-mm headphone jack, Built in Speaker with Stereo Speaker

6300 mAh Li-Ion standard Battery

Size and Looks
Size – Height – 240 mm, Width – 190 mm, Depth – 13.7 mm
Weight – 740 grams
Body Colors – Black

HP TouchPad Price in us – US$499.99 (16GB), US$599.99 (32GB)

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HTC Flyer Tablet Review: Features and Specifications

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HTC Flyer Tablet Review: Features and Specifications – In the battle of the tablets you can find almost anything and everything, ranging from the imposing iPad 2 and its lead in this battle, through some almost decent attempts by Acer and two powerful bets, the Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Tab.

As the company that has always been known with perhaps the best and most diverse Android devices in the market, HTC finally released their firs tablet, the HTC Flyer. Among its features, HTC surprises us by the management of a factory Stylus they bet it works even better than any other technology of Cupertino. The HTC Flyer comes with more features and we also have a very explanatory video of the HTC Flyer.

HTC Flyer Tablet Review: Features and Specifications
The tablet is only seven inches, too small for my taste, but lately we have seen a steady effort to make them at that size. It has a processor that allows you to run at 1.5 GHz and comes in two versions, with 32GB capacity 3G and WiFi, and the 16 GB with just WiFi. In Euros, translates to a cost per tablet of around $750.00 and $600.00, too expensive for the size but on a contract it will be subsidized like most mobile communication devices in the world with their two-year contracts.

Frankly what I liked about this piece is not its technical features, which are respectable, but the interface that HTC has always surprised. HTC Sense takes it further by setting the entire operating system of the tablet based on Android, so you can write wherever you want with your stylus. Be in pages of notes rather focused on the students, or photographs, the interaction of the magic pen of HTC is complete and if it looks like a product that fails to meet the dual pen and PDA.


* Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread)
* 1.5 GHz processor
* 1024 MB RAM
* Capacitive touch screen 7-inch LCD with 1024 x 600 pixels
* 5 MP camera with autofocus and 1.3 MP front camera.
* Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP
* MicroSD slot 32GB ampiable

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Asus Padfone: A Smartphone Inside a Tablet

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Asus does not want to miss out on the Tablets and Smartphones market and has recently announced its latest weapon of attack, the Padfone.

When the market is still adjusting to the arrival of the iPad 2 and other very powerful Smartphones, Asus announced a revolutionary product that offers a 2 in 1, and it’s extremely intuitive and simple.

Asus is trying to unite the best of both worlds, the tablet and the smartphone. The Padfone has emerged as a serious competition to the marks imposed on the market.

Asus Padfone Tablet Smartphone
The system is simple: we have a tablet with a docking station where the smartphone is introduced. The smartphone becomes a tablet, with only one click, alternating between the best of both worlds. Telephone calls, 3G access, videos, productivity, etc.

The idea is pretty good and if the operation of the Padfone it’s as good as Asus says, it will surely become a guaranteed success!

Asus Padfone Tablet Smartphone
3G Internet access, email management, messaging, multimedia… all applications are automatically adjusted to fit in seamlessly to the user, in the 10.1-inch screen of the tablet. On the other hand, the smartphone will have a 4.3 inch screen.

There’s still no information about the operating system, which version of Android is going to be installed.

One thing is certain… the Padfone will give much to talk.

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Adobe Photoshop Wants to Conquer the Tablets Market

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It has already been officially announced and indeed they have even shown a demo on how the interface would look of Adobe’s new product: a Photoshop adapted to the touch ready peculiarities that will have the ability to be used in the two versions of iPads, new and old. The official presentation was made by Adobe a few days ago in the Photoshop World Conference, held in Miami, Florida, by John Loiacono, senior vice president of Digital Media Solutions at Adobe.

The truth is that they weren’t very happy with the old version of Photoshop Express for iPad, especially after analyzing how other image editing programs in the App Store were stealing their leading role in that field. As a result, Apple engineers got down to work and have developed a much more powerful version of Photoshop for use on new tablets that go to market.

Adobe Photoshop Express for Tablets iPad
This new image editing software will open the doors to the mobility world. The truth is that in the event of Miami they did not give many details about how it will work and what will be its benefits. But it is speculated that this new version of Photoshop will be a compromise between the old Express Edition and the Professional CS 5 version for desktop computers.

But before we make any more assumptions, I guess we have to wait to see the final version, especially in the USA market. This is just a tease so that we prepare ourselves for it. Later we will know new details, especially the most important: how much will it cost?

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Toshiba Honeycomb Tablet Appears on Amazon

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At the end of January, Toshiba created a page to let us know the existence of a new Android tablet to be released in spring. It will come with the intention to help eliminate the negative impressions created by the Toshiba Folio 100 in the market.

The marketing of the tablet is closer than we expect. The gadget just appeared on Amazon with a product page enabled for the tablet. By looking at it, we have confirmed some of its features and we can see a good amount of images.

Hopefully it will wake up in the market, as themselves have advertised it superior to the iPad earlier this year without realizing they already have to compete with the second generation of Apple’s product. Although, it does come with better software, a feature on which the Folio has been heavily criticized.

Toshiba 10.1 Android Tablet

Regarding the new model, it’s weird to have a product page by Toshiba and it doesn’t even have a specific name, it’s just referred to it as “Toshiba 10.1 Android Tablet.

For those of you who wonder about the main features of the tablet, it stands out the Nvidia Tegra 2, 5-megapixel main camera, 2 megapixel for the front, and a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It’s very similar to Motorola Xoom specifications and other new generation Android tablets.

It would be illogical for an Android tablet that does not have Honeycomb. But fortunately this is not the case of Toshiba’s tablet and we hope that any customizations made to it does not adversely affect the final product. In this case we have access to Android Market.

Toshiba Tablet Ports

There’s no official release date, but it will most likely appear before June 30. We can visit the Amazon product page for alerts to their updates, which will inform us of price and other details.

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