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The phone rings and you find out that it’s someone who you don’t want to answer to: the bank, call centers, wrong number, or that person you don’t want to know anything from them. What you need is an app to block these unwanted incoming calls.

If you let the cell phone ring once and then send them to your voice mail, the person will know that you are avoiding them, then the best option is to send them directly to your voice mail. That way the person will think your phone is turned off or the battery discharged. There are many applications that can do this, below are 4 of the best ones available:

Call Block Stop Unwanted Calls
Callblock for iPhone

It has a database of undesirable telephone numbers (mostly banks) where you can choose which telephone numbers you want to block, plus you can add the personal numbers of those who you don’t want to know anything about. It costs $2 and can be purchased through the iTunes Store.

Advanced Call Blocker for Android

After you install this app you only need to add the phone numbers you want to blacklist, so you can send unwanted calls straight to the voice mail and even block them from leaving you voice mail messages. You can also block SMS from the same numbers. It costs $3 and it’s available through Androidzoom.

Cerberus Call Filter for BlackBerry

Create a blacklist of undesirable telephone numbers or add your own groups of contacts, you can easily block them and reinstate them to avoid calls for certain periods of time. It costs $5 and can be purchased through the BlackBerry Store.

BlackballerCall & SMS filter for Symbian

Filters calls and text messages for Symbian S60 devices. It also allows to automatically answer calls if preferred. It costs $4 and it’s available through Ovi.

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  1. hi.
    i am facing a problem when i use call blocker and after that a person calls me who’s number in saved in my contact list his name is not displayed on screen during seems unknown number.Are those some sort of Bugs?

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