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Android vs. iOS (iPhone) Comparison: Which Phone is Best for You?

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Many users face a dilemma when choosing which smartphone to buy when it comes to choose which operating system is best suited for them. The prestigious Apple brand has its own operating system, IOS, and like any Apple product, it offers superb quality. But what about Android? Some say it’s the best operating system for smart phones today, offering faster speeds and convenience. Both operating systems promise and ensure a good performance on their smartphones, but which one to choose? iOS or Android?

Android smartphones and IOS have many differences, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. We have gathered facts and information from the top 2 operating systems, Android and iOS from iPhone:

Advantages of the iPhone over Android smartphones:

Apple iPhone iOS vs. Android
Display and Design
One of the most prominent features of the iPhone 4 is its Retina Display screen. Despite not being the biggest out in the market, it’s certainly the one with the best quality and image resolution. Furthermore, the design and construction of the iPhone 4 are superior to any Android smartphone.

Facetime is one of the most interesting features that comes with the iPhone 4. It allows video calls from one iPhone to another or from one iPhone to a Mac. Currently, there’s only a few Android-powered smartphones that has two cameras and depend on the other computer applications to work correctly.

Despite having a large number of applications, Android has much less than iOS. Apple has more than 350 thousand applications, while Android has only 150 thousand.

Operating Systems
iPhone users always have the latest operating system thanks to its automated updates.The Android offers fragmentation of the system, but updates depend exclusively on the manufacturer of the device.

Advantages of Android over iOS (iPhone) smartphones:

Android Droid X vs. Apple iPhone iOS
Variety of Equipment
One of the big advantages is the possibility to choose between different devices with Android, as the number available on the market keeps increasing. The iPhone is only limited to only one choice. The screen of Apple’s smartphone is 3.5 inches, but if we opt for an Android smartphone, we can find devices that are available with screen sizes ranging from 2.8 to 4 inches.

HD Videos
Another advantage of Android is the ability to play videos in high definition on a screen or TV, thanks to the fact that several models have HDMI ports. The iPhone does not have this port, in addition to no memory card slot, something most Android devices have and that allows us to expand its storage capacity by simply adding a memory card.

Powerful processors
Some Android smartphones, such as the Motorola Atrix, are powered by a dual-core processor. This is a disadvantage to for the iPhone, or at least until the iPhone 5 arrives.

We hope these facts and information helped you make a decision… iOS or Android?

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    1. I agree that the iPhone is one of the best phones ever. But I have my doubts about it been the best phone right now, in my opinion it’s still so popular because it carries its predecessors name and it’s very well marketed.

      I’m also wondering what is going to happen to the popularity and productivity of the future iPhones now that Steve passed away.

    1. I do believe it’s a good product but not the best right now.

      I completely agree that is purely thriving on marketing and continues to be popular for carrying it’s predecessors name. I also agree with you that Android it’s better now all the way around.

  1. I’m a few months late to this post but did anybody else read that Steve Jobs said he will spend every last dollar he has bring down Android?

    To be honest I don’t even have an iPhone or an Android phone but I’m leaning towards a HTC/Android simply because of the pricing.

  2. the comparison was quite good.iwas about to choose android but the comments confused me.but any how android is cheaper than ios .

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