5 Free Calculator Applications for iPad

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For users who want an iPad calculator application that is easy and free, here we have 5 different options so that they can do their calculations in a more practical way from their iPad.

1. Jumbo Calculator
The first calculator is Jumbo Calculator. It’s a simple application that is known for having large buttons. This calculator allows you to perform basic operations such as: addition, subtraction and division.

Jumbo Calculator iPad App
2. PowerOne Scientific Calculator
PowerOne Scientific Calculator is another iPad calculator. With this tool you can conduct scientific calculations, it allows you to customize features and save some calculations for later use.

PowerOne Scientific Calculator iPad Application
3. PCalc Lite
Another calculator is PCalc Lite, it allows you to perform scientific calculations and is characterized by the option to undo and redo. It also has the functions SIN, COS and TAN.

PCalc Lite iPad Application
4. Free Calculator
On the other hand, Free Calculator lets you combine simple operations with some scientific. It allows you to change the background and is an ideal choice to do simple and very practical operations from your iPad.

Calculator For iPad Free App
5. Big Free Calculator App
Lastly, we have Big Free Calculator App. An application that covers 10 inches of the screen, you can adjust the buttons to the desired size and perform calculations from basic to some scientific.

Big Calculator Free iPad Application

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