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Facebook Has Hired a Hacker: GeoHot – According to reports from Tech Unwrapped, Facebook has hired the well-known hacker George Hotz, the cyber pirate who has publicly accepted to have attacked the tech giants Apple and Sony.

According to the sources of this site, Hotz had been invited to a challenge to hack the iPad 2, but due to his new job at the largest social network in the world, he had resigned the contest. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that Hotz is currently employed at Facebook.

Facebook Has Hired a Hacker: GeoHot

George Hotz gained popularity in 2008 when he was able to crack the iPhone, unlocking the phone from its exclusive provider, AT&T, and allowing the popular Apple device to be used on other networks. But he is known more as the famous hacker who managed to break the security of the PlayStation 3.

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