Apple iPhone 4 Review: Features and Specifications

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Apple’s latest iPhone is the iPhone 4. This sophisticated device provides excellent communication and entertainment facilities.

Features include, among others, Wi-Fi internet, Apps store, iTunes, navigation with GPS and MAPS support. Music lovers will appreciate the included iPod features.

The striking design makes even some of the of the newer competition look dated. Front and back are glass, with steel edging circling the phone.

Apple iPhone 4 Review Features and Specifications
The flat back prevents that “quivering” many phones are subject to when placed on a table.o iPhone 4 certainly feels solid and should survive the odd fall.

The glass, though covered with oil-resistant veneer, does tend to draw smears and the promised scratch-resistance will have to prove itself in pockets full of keys and coins. The new Retina Display, so called because it exceeds the number of pixels a human retina is able to process, features a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels – four times as many as previous iPhones.

Combined with the IPS display (as used on the iPad), featuring a contrast ratio of a massive 800:1, this provides a stunningly clear display, finished off nicely with TFT and AMOLED, as used on many Android phones.

iPhone 4 uses the same ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and accelerometer as previous versions, with no functionality changes. Most other outer elements – such as the home button, headset jack, power button, speaker, microphone and 30 pin connector – remain pretty much unchanged from the iPhone 3GS. Unfortunately this means the battery still can’t be removed.

Other design changes include a front VGA camera with LED flash and a noise cancellation microphone. The split volume button is easier to work than the previous rocker and the mute button above has also been improved.

One major change is that the SIM card slot is now at the right of the iPhone and the format has been changed to MicroSIM, resembling the iPad. It is therefore no longer possible to use a regular pattern SIM in this phone. Last, but not least, the iPhone 4 16GB is also available in white, and the 32GB version offers more storage space.

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