Samsung Series 9 Laptop Review: Features and Specifications

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Samsung’s Series 9 laptop is among the elite group of the Windows operating system, trying to fight against the popular Apple’s MacBook Air. Although Apple’s fans strongly disagree with the comparison, Samsung Series 9 laptop undoubtedly steal much of the Mac’s spotlight.

Whoever uses Samsung series greatly appreciates the power of it processor. If we compare Apple’s processor with Samsung, Samsung is unquestionably far better than Mac. Apple still comes with its two-generations-old Core 2 Duo, while the Series 9 comes with an incorporated Core i5 2537M, popularly known as “Sandy Bridge”. The ultralow-voltage CPU in the Series 9 is 1.4GHz and is much faster than Mac. Many argue the difference is not that much; but it actually is, it’s certainly noticeable.

Samsung 9 Series Laptop Review
The ultrathin Samsung Series 9 has another advantage, which is perhaps a very important aspect for many, especially those who frequently travel. The battery last for almost 6 hours, which is considerably good for netbooks. The Series 9 also comes with a 128GB SSD, which makes the system to retrieve data much faster than a hard drive and it boots faster. The hitch with Series 9 is if you want to play 3D games, it becomes a bit slow. Certainly Mac has a better resolution than Windows because Windows still heavily rely on Intel’s HD Graphics 3000, which is quite inferior to the integrated Nvidia GeForce 320M found in the MacBook Air.

Samsung claims that the exterior brushed-metal is made up of Duralium, an aluminum alloy used to fabricate airships and planes. But if you look at it, it definitely flaunts lots of attitude, and seems sturdy and stiff. The 1366 by 768 resolution is appropriate for its size. The lively color, powerful backlight and matte antiglare finish actually make it stand out.

The keyboard is relatively easy to type on. Samsung has a USB 2.0 port on each side, and displays a “sleep-and-charge” port that charge your system even when your laptop is asleep. It also comes with a Mini HDMI output port and slots of headphone/mic jack, and a microSD.

* Radiant antiglare screen
* Superslim firm metal body

* Expensive
* Sensitive clickpad

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