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While using a computer, nothing can be more irritating than a mouse does not work correctly. Hitting or pressing the buttons harder than necessary and violent shaking are common behaviors adopted by users who have problems with their mouse. All this can cause mistakes when executing an activity with the mouse.

It’s important to know some information and keep some concepts in mind at the time of choosing your mouse. The mouse should be accurate, have a clear description about the technology used, mention of the number of buttons available, specify the design, specify for what type of equipment it was created, etc. All these details need to be analyzed before making your decision.

Logitech MX 518 Mouse

Mouse for Notebooks and Netbooks

Usually laptop mouses are smaller than the “usual.”

Before you buy, it’s important to check how comfortable and adaptable is to the size selected. It can be quite uncomfortable if the hand that holds the mouse has to close too much to sustain it. There are some models that are a little lower or higher to provide greater comfort and help you avoid having to make awkward movements with the fingers to use it.

Because they are especially designed for notebooks and/or netbooks, they have a retractable cable. It would be pointless to have a small computer and carry a large mouse with a long cable.

Desktop Computer Mouse

The mouse for a desktop computer is a conventional, larger size and gets better adapted to the hands.

General details

Like in any situation, is essential to assess the weight and size of the peripheral. It’s advisable to avoid buying a mouse that weighs over 130 grams. A heavy mouse can’t only cause problems in handling, but can also cause health problems by having to make repetitive efforts. Sizes vary and the definition of “comfortable” is very personal.

The optical sensor mouse is another detail that should not be overlooked. Ideally, choose one with great precision and that never leaves the cursor with the “arrow” trembling annoyingly on the screen. Philips, for example, has an optical technology that ensures an immediate response of the mouse that can be used on any smooth surface (paper, plastic and even wood).

There are also computers that have certain “preference” for certain hardware, like Mac. Mac has a mouse that was specially created for their computers, known as the Magic Mouse. This is a multi-touch mouse that provides a unique experience thanks to its ability to slide, click and ease of use.

You can also opt for a wireless mouse. They work with batteries. Many times the precision of these devices leaves much to be desired, something that can be very upsetting, because their price is usually high.

To know if a mouse is precise, is needed to determine its resolution, which is a measurement of inches per second. This measure is known as DPI (Dots Per Inch). The best-selling mouses have a resolution that’s in between 400 and 800 DPI. Whether it will be used for work, study and other common tasks, a mouse within that average serves very well.

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  1. These are some really great tips, however, in my opinion the best way to choose a good gaming mouse is to open your browser and search for “mamba” or “cyborg rat” as those are the 2 best gaming mice out there 😉

    1. I’ve heard many great reviews about those mouses for gaming, but not all of use are gamers and I personally don’t need/want all the buttons that most gaming mouse have. I use a simple one that have a scroll bar, back and forward buttons, and the traditional right and left buttons

  2. Nice one! I definitely agree that choosing mouse is important. Nothing can be more irritating than having dysfunctional mouse,most especially when there is a deadline going, don’t you think?The concept mentioned here is informational. Thanks a lot. Even the smallest thing that we may neglect everyday can eventually create a toll on our creativity.

    1. Yes I agree. I work at a engineering firm doing cad work and for me is essential to have my mouse working and perfect conditions. I’ve had to use some other co-workers mouses at some points and my working effectiveness decreases dramatically just because I’m not adapted to their mouse.

    1. I believe a good mouse for notebooks varies from person to person. I personally can’t see myself a wireless mouse because I do cad work and I need great precision, something that I haven’t been able to accomplish with a wireless mouse. But they are more compact to store and carry, that’s the only small advantage I don’t have with a retractable mouse.

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