Stop Smoking with the Help of Your Android

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Many smokers proposition is to quit the habit, but in most cases fail in their attempt. In order to quit smocking it’s better to have some medical advice or a strong will, or better yet, both.

If you have an Android device you can install some applications that will help you to quit smoking. Most will offer advice and assistance. They also show the statistics of the money saved from those non-smoked cigarettes.

Stop Smoking With Android

Here is a list of utilities available for your Android that will motivate and help you in the process of quitting smoking.

Smokefree is a widget that will track the money saved and the days since you stopped smoking.

Stop Smoking shows you the percentage of health you gained from not smoking, as well as the number of days passed since.

Cigarette Counter keeps track of the number of cigarettes you smoke each day, week and month, and the money spent on them. It may be useful to reduce the consumption of tobacco until the complete cessation.

QuitNow! is an application that counts the number of days without smoking, time and money saved from the cigarettes not smoked.

Smoke Control Lite is an application that helps you to become more conscious about your smoking habit. It shows various statistics, like the number of the cigars smoked at various times and the time elapsed since you smoked last.

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    1. Nowadays, you can almost use apps on our cell phones for pretty much anything. And although quitting smoking is pretty hard, I also believe that having a reminder in our phones will really help smokers in their attempt to quit smoking. I also believe that some smokers that are not thinking on quitting will probably start thinking about quitting when they become aware on how much money they spend on tobacco.

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