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How to Change your Dull Blog to an Attractive Blog

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Change your Dull Blog to an Attractive Blog – With more and more businesses coming online, blogging has gained paramount importance. Blogging can be used in a variety of ways, such as to market one’s services, interact with people and earn good income. Considering the stiff competition the bloggers are facing, an attractive blog can do wonders for you, instead of a dull blog.

Blogging is rather a technical phenomenon, which runs by specific rules and techniques. Only a popular and attractive blog can beat the heat of such competition. Below discussed tricks and techniques will help you enhance the visibility of your blog, make it successful among the target audience, get rid of your dull blog and turn it into an attractive blog.

How to Change your Dull Blog to an Attractive Blog

5 Ways to Changing a Dull Blog an Attractive Blog

  1. Effective Interaction through Comments: Although there are a number of ways to communicate with your readers, comment section could be very beneficial. Making the most out of your blog depends upon your ability to maintain a healthy relation with your target audience. As a blogger, it is your responsibility to respond to the genuine queries and questions of your readers with full honesty. By doing this you will have more interaction with your readers, hence creating a more attractive blog for your readers.
  2. Update your Blog with Informative and Useful Stuff: Think about the benefit of your readers honestly. Do not fill the content section of your blog with useless stuff. It could lead to bad search engine rankings, and your blog may get dumped by the readers soon. People will only comment genuinely on your blog, if you give them useful information. Otherwise, you will only get spam comments, which will lead the blog nowhere.
  3. Guest posts – An integral part of your blog: Guest posts strengthens the blogger-reader relationship. Invite your readers to write a guest post for your blog. It will give them backlinks for their websites, thus it is a mutually benefiting process. You can do this through emails, personal chats and any other method you feel comfortable with.
  4. Add the Subscription Option in your Blog: It is an important step, if you want to increase the popularity of your blog, and make it attractive. Send regular notifications to the subscribed readers about the update and new posts added. You need not do it manually, as there are automated ways for your help. You can find tools easily, if you do a bit of Google research. In addition, your web hosting company often provides the tools free.
  5. Offer Free and Discounted Deals and Organize Contests: Introduce great deals and offers to your readers, and attract them through these. The point here is that it will make your blog unique and give it a different identity. Use high quality graphics and themes to add icing to the cake. A sparkling and attractive Blog is much better than a dull looking blog.

Outsourcing Work for Your Attractive Blog

You can seek professional help for adopting the above discussed methods, or you can do it yourself. Once you start earning a substantial amount of money, you can start outsourcing the content of your attractive blog and other things. However, first you need to improve the search engine rankings of your blog through hard work in a well-planned manner.

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  1. That’s right Gustavo! A dull blog is nothing but a boring blog. Comments and interactions in the comment section is another proof of an attractive blog. This means readers really stop by and read the post and spend their time putting their comments, reactions, suggestions, etc. It is not only a one-way but a two-way conversation between the blogger and the reader.

  2. Great advice. I suggest all your newbie readers to follow these points to the word and believe in what they are blogging about, and of course like the niche, and success will then come with hard work. I’ve succeeded enough to need an employee monitor software to use with the people I outsource different tasks to. Before this software I had a few bad experiences, but since implementing it, everything has been working smoothly, and I am left with enough time and motivation to focus on the future and new possibilities. My advice is: know your aim, believe in it and don’t give up.

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