Nintendo 3DS Review: A Perfect Gaming Experience

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Nintendo 3DS Review – It has to be seen to be believed. Nintendo 3DS a glass free 3-dimensional gadget has now been released this year to take your gaming experience to a next level. Now you can have incredible gameplay featuring real 3D graphics that needs no special glasses.

Nintendo 3DS is a revolutionary gadget in the world of portable entertainment as it redefines the concept of 3D gaming technology with its latest features and applications. Along with gaming you can also access the internet right from your Nintendo 3DS including the ability to pause the game to catch up your emails & news. Gain access to Nintendo e-shop, your one stop shop featuring an exciting lineup of downloadable 3D games.

Nintendo 3DS Review: A Perfect Gaming Experience

Features and Specifications of the Nintendo 3DS

  • Motion Sensor
    It is an amazing built-in sensor that can react to the motion of the system. So doesn’t matter whether players are twisting their Nintendo 3DS, the motion compatible device will respond instantly.
  • Dual screens
    Game graphics can never be as good as in Nintendo 3DS. The top screen has an array of 800×240 pixels, giving the effective resolution of 400×240 pixels for each eye. The bottom screen containing the resolution of 320×240 pixels is capable of displaying 16.77 million colors.
  • Nintendo 3DS Review: A Perfect Gaming Experience
  • Full Analog Control
    The Nintendo 3Ds offer full Analog control in the world of 3D gaming, with the circle pad that is located above the + control pad. The potential of the game is extraordinary due to the presence of touch screen, camera, microphone input, and sophisticated motion control of motion sensor and Gyro sensor.
  • Adjustable Stylus
    This is another superb feature of Nintendo 3DS gaming. The adjustable Nintendo 3DS stylus just redefines the margins of touch control and also it is very user friendly. The stylus length can be adjusted according to your convenience by simple push or pull once it is removed from the holder.
  • 3D camera
    Nintendo 3DS game’s super cool features are not confined to this. It uses two outer cameras to give a 3D effect to games. The superb cameras help to see the world in 3D, much like a human eye which allows creating the 3D photos.
  • 2GB SD memory card
    Apart from the above, there are still more exciting things to know about your Nintendo 3DS which will enhance your pleasure of playing it. Every Nintendo comes with a 2 GB SD memory card which helps you to store music, recordings as well as 3D photos.
Nintendo 3DS Review: A Perfect Gaming Experience

Overview of the Nintendo 3DS

There are lots more thrilling features which your Nintendo has. So, if you want to enjoy 3D gaming like anything, just go for Nintendo 3DS and explore the world of 3D games in your own manner and it’s priced at only $170.

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  1. I’m still not sure about getting one of these…It looks awesome, but I’m pretty sure in 6 months there’ll be a better more slimline version…Hmm…

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