Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera Review: Magnify Your Memories

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Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera Review – Another superb gizmo that steals everybody’s attention is the new Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera launched by the leader of quality-Sony.

This fantastic Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera is true photographic powerhouse with all its commendable features. It swanks a 16.5 mega pixel sensor and 18-55 mm kit lens which is great. Let’s go through its pros and cons so that one can appraise it aptly and decide whether you should buy it or not.

Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera Review: Magnify Your Memories

Pros of Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera:

  • Amazing Shooting
    It feels awesome when you hold Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera in your hand. It’s very handy because of its size which is smaller than you expectation. The kit lens is attached very precisely. The other relevant buttons are also placed well with notches at the front and back of the grip for proper support.

    The Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera is hugely adaptable. The focusing ring in front of the kit lens is fat and is coated with rubber which helps in getting a quick fix on the subject. It shoots the pictures amazingly for all its settings can be adjusted accordingly. The sensitivity can be fixed to ISO 100, 400, 3200 up to 12800.

    Since it’s a fact that image quality decreases with the increase in sensitivity due to the amplified noise and owing to this fact many people would think that ISO 12800 is of no use. But A35 disproves this as, when pictures were taken at twilight with different sensitivities; it was still very easy to tell what was going on in the ISO 12800 shot.
  • Auto ISO Setting and Chromatic Aberration
    Apart from the amazing shots which this gizmo can capture, there are some other features which make it worth buying. Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera has a clever auto ISO setting which can capture 10 frames in quick succession which is something that is very useful in early evening when light level start falling.

    Also, chromatic aberration is almost entirely absent. It is findable in very rare shots and that do requires special attention. So, it’s not something which can reduce its grace.
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera Review: Magnify Your Memories
  • Depiction Power
    The representation power of Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera is just awesome because it can clearly differentiate between very similar tones. For instance, while clicking a picture of green leaves, grass and creamy flowers together, this gadget can produce the results with great details and refinement.
  • Video Performance
    The Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera can shoot videos with MP4 format with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080. The colours, delicacy of background noise and smooth compensation is just fantastic.

    Apart from these, there are many extra features of Sony SLT A-35 which makes it competitive among other leading DSLR brands. There is not as such any drawback of this camera but one should get all the details properly before making a purchase.

Overview of the Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera

There’s no doubt the Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera it’s a great gadget, with the latest and most advanced technology available today. This camera would be a great for a professional photographer or someone that’s starting out on the photography business. Starting at $549, the price is not too high considering the cost of similar high-end digital cameras.

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  1. It’s very pleasing to the eye how much more if your starting up a business on photography .The price is just right for its incredible features. In fact, great memories should be pictured of a gadget like Sony Alpha SLT-A35 Digital Camera. Is there any color available?

  2. it isn’t a DSLR !!!! but i heard its better than other entry-level DSLRs of canon and Nikon,550D & d3100 (resp.)..also heard its ISO accelerated pictures and fast burst pictures are much noisy then that of nikon and canon…! anyone please suggest me decide my best camera…among these sony vs canon vs nikon !

  3. This is an amazing Camera.. I own this one as my first cam. I think this is the best camera for entry-level photographer like me..
    Its small, light weight, and easy to use.. I think even my grandma can handle it nicely..

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