PlayStation Move Also to be Used on PC?

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Kinect has become a phenomenon, not only because it involved a new way to play on the Xbox, but it allowed the use of a multiple applications in PC’s and robots in a series of hacks made by different developers.

Now the creator of the PlayStation Move, Sony’s Richard Marks would like something similar happened with his invention. In an interview with Ars Technica, Marks gave indications that there may be device drivers for PC in the future, that would be completely legal. After what happened with the jailbreak of the PS3, there are doubts if anyone would want to try to hack the Move.

Speaking with Ars Technica, Dr. Richard Marks said:

“For too long I said in my talks that we would let more people innovate with the Move. It is a good tool. Is made for the PS3, so it is difficult for us to let go, “Marks said. However, “I’d like to see happen, so that all creative minds in labs and hobbyists can play with it,” he added.

playstation move hack pc
The hacking of the Kinect has brought tons of publicity to the device and has made it much more attractive to users. Maybe Sony expects that something similar will happen with the Move. The idea is to provide all the information possible for developers to create many more things, according to Marks. According to the executive, there would free access to data from the gyroscopes and accelerometers, and access to programs that use the PlayStation Eye to turn that information into 3D controls.

We’re still not sure if the rest of Sony has the same enthusiasm about it.

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