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RoboPutt: Vending Machine For Golf Lessons

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The concept of the vending machine that sells you candy and chocolates is in the past. Now the same model is used to sell things more complex and expensive. Now you can buy things such as music players, games, among others. But now we can add another service: golf lessons.

We are talking about RoboPutt. This is a small robot that teaches you how to hit the golf ball according to data obtained from your own shots. To start, you have to give information to it. This requires installing a small device to your golf club, called “DiGi”. The device will record your short shots (or putts) and then delivers that information wirelessly to RoboPutt.

Then you install the golf club on a mechanical arm of the robot and he will teach you to improve your shots. Unlike other golf courses, RoboPutt makes the shot for you. You hold the stick, RoboPutt makes the move. The idea is that through repetition, your muscles learn the movement for a perfect shot.

Each course lasts from 4 to 5 minutes and costs $ 5. The company that created the robot will deliver it free to shops, schools and training centers worldwide, so that the acceptance of the vending machine increases rapidly. Sure they will earn money on each course you do, but still it’s still a good idea.

Roboputt Golf Lessons
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