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Google has just launched its new Android Market, which lets you install new applications directly from your mobile phone. Now you can do it without having to use the Market application on your smartphone. This is one big change that shows how Google is moving ahead with its mobile operating system that has already displaced Nokia as the top manufacturer of  mobile OS.

The whole process now becomes easier. You won’t need to scan QR codes appBrain or synchronize the application. The web interaction is made directly from the market portal to your mobile phone. That can be accomplished without you even needing to touch your mobile phone.

Android Web-Based Market
If your phone is not connected to the Internet, a queue of applications to install will be created and will proceed to install once it detects a network connection to the Internet. This requires that you log into the new Android Market with the same Google account that was used in the mobile device.

From your applications panel at the market webpgage you will see the pending applications that need to be installed and the ones that have already been installed in the past. You can also manage multiple mobile devices, all associated to a single account. Once we need to install an application, a list of devices associated with our account will be displayed and we only have to select on which device we want to install the application.

Gone are the long and slow processes, the unnecessary steps and complex installations.

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  1. Google took over the internet and now is taking over the mobile networking industry. I think what’s next is to open their own super grocery store or start making cars?

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