CoolPC Extreme III Review: Features and Specifications

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CoolPC Extreme III Review: Features and Specifications – More than a computer, CoolPC Extreme III looks more like a battle tank of the computer world. In my opinion this is the best computer on the market. A monster that is sure to last for several years without having to update it.

This new PC, CoolPC Extreme III, is worthy of the best gamers, it’s fast, super fast. It’s powered thanks to its Intel Core i7 and 12GB of DDR3 RAM.

But this gaming machine would not be what it is if wasn’t for its great cooling system. It has a very large cabinet with two Fan Coolers of considerable size. It also has a huge heatsink on the CPU, a Cooler Master V8.

CoolPC Extreme III Review: Features and Specifications

This huge computer keeps our processor and all the equipment to an ideal temperature to achieve the highest levels of overclocking.

Characteristics of this amazing PC, CoolPC Extreme III, are:

  • Microprocessor-990X Intel Core i7 ‘Extreme’
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 590
  • 12 GB of RAM G. Skill DDR3 Ripjaw based on 3 x 4GB
  • Motherboard Asus Rampage Extreme III Black Edition (Intel X58)
  • OCZ SSD RevoDrive PCIe, 110 GB.
  • Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda 2 TB and interface SATA3
  • Case Cooler Master HAF X
  • Power Supply Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000 Watt
  • Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler

Summary of the CoolPC Extreme III

I have no doubt that this is the bully of the computer world, and although it seems to have a fairly high price (4355 dollars), it is not so bad. It is equipped with the best of the best, and certainly those who purchase this wonder will not have to bother changing it or modifying it until many years from now.

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