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How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox – Most Windows users know that the PC system can achieve better performance by defragmenting the hard drives of their computer. But by doing this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will speed up Mozilla Firefox browser.

Optimizing Helps to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

In order for our Mozilla Firefox browser to achieve a substantial improvement in browsing speed, we also have to perform a procedure to optimize Mozilla Firefox database. Perhaps this is the most important key element in the functioning of the Mozilla Firefox browser. We will get superior performance and the ability of taking the most advantage of the virtues of Mozilla Firefox browser by performing this procedure that will speed up Mozilla Firefox.

Complexity to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

If you are thinking that optimizing the database of Mozilla Firefox browser sounds too complex. Then you are wrong. This technique is fairly easy to implement. To speed up Mozilla Firefox, all we have to do is download a small free plug-in called “SpeedyFox”, which is ultimately the one who will do the job of defragmenting the database of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

Installation and Operating instructions:

1. Download the plug-in from the official site: (and install it)

2. Once installed, all you have to do is press the button “Speed Up My Firefox” and the tool starts to do its job.

Note: in order to successfully complete the process on how to speed up Mozilla Firefox, you need to close any open windows/tabs that you have open in the browser. In addition it is recommended to close any references to it. That will ensure that the defragmentation of your database is done with the greatest success possible.

Enjoy the Speed Up Mozilla Firefox Experience

Once finished, you can experience from the pleasant sensation of browsing when you see the excellent navigation performance and speed that is achieved by using SpeedyFox.

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