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Dangers of Stealing Wi-Fi – Computer security experts say stealing Internet connection via WiFi can be a big mistake. Not only it is unethical and illegal. But its also an activity that can compromise the security of both; the affected person and the burglar.

How Many Dangers of Stealing Wi-Fi are There?

These days many ordinary users that don’t have much knowledge of computers make the big mistake of wanting to take advantage of accessing an Internet connection via WiFi without paying for it. But it is very important to know exactly who owns the network that the user is trying to have access to, since it could be a trap. The owner of the network may have access to a wide range of private information that could be used against you. As a result you may end up having your data and credentials stolen, just to name a few of the Dangers of Stealing Wi-Fi.

These connections can be opened in order to make the job easier for cyber criminals. Because once the foolish user accesses the network, he just might be the perfect target that hackers were waiting for. This way they can spy on your communications, email passwords, chats, and could have access to all banking information such as credit card numbers and PIN numbers.

The Dangers of Stealing Wi-Fi

Also worth noting is that they can also infect your PC with some kind of spyware or malware. This way they could know their movements remotely. Even when the user has left their network, the Dangers of Stealing Wi-Fi are still present.

Avoiding the Dangers of Stealing Wi-Fi

Some recommendations are not to sneak in any network (obviously) and for those users who have a legitimate connection we advice to use WiFi routers with encryption systems WPA and WPA2, good passwords, subnetting and use MAC filtering to avoid running into the Dangers of Stealing Wi-Fi.

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