The best 3D games for Android – Top 5

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Although the screen of smartphones may not be the best option for gaming, nobody can deny that these can be a great solution when we have to a wait for someone and/or something or are simply bored.

So that their line of games doesn’t end with the classic games like Tetris for mobile phones, Android programmers have worked continually in the graphical part of their operating system to make it a level that is more than interesting.

Android 3D Games
The quality has been demonstrated by the most advanced smartphones. This has led to the boom of mobile gaming in recent times, offering titles that go from simple to more complex games.

Here we made a compilation of the 5 best 3D games for Android.

1. Together with Denmark

Without doubt one of the most entertaining games of the moment Android. TwD allows users to play against their friends via WiFi.

2. Sky Siege

Similar to the old war games, Sky Siege allow us to combat with helicopters and jets in a three dimensional environment. This game features 32 different challenges, ensuring hours of fun.

3. Zombies, Run

For fans of zombies, this game allows users the ability to create their own living dead. We can have fun with other users, thanks to the multi-player version.

4. ISnipeYou

For those who enjoy war games or aim and shoot, ISnipeYou allow us to use the camera to destroy our target and earning points. As you can imagine, the game is not as easy as it sounds because there are many surprises throughout the story.

5. Spec Trek

Without doubt one of the most popular games for Android, Spec Trek is a game of suspense in which users must find and capture different ghosts. The most interesting thing is that you can play using the GPS and camera of the smartphone.

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