TweetWhen: When to Tweet to Reach a Higher Audience on Twitter

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When should I tweet? At what time? Most of us are not Internet authorities and we don’t have thousands of followers, so our intention is to be read by many more people as possible. If we are using a Twitter account to reach a greater number of people, then it becomes even more important that we consider our statistics. What percentage of what we publish is read or tweeted?

TweetWhen is an online service that helps us in this task. It’s one of the tools from Hubspot and it allows us to measure our impact by time segments. Maybe our fans are more likely to retweet our content in the early hours of the morning, or maybe not. Maybe the majority of our followers just see our content in the afternoon or evening, when they are more free to check their mobile and social networks after work.

TweetWhen When To Tweet on Twitter
For online marketing purposes and for Social Media Experts this twitter integrated service is vital, besides it’s completely free to access (it’s completely free). And if you are someone who is tired of having to manage tens of accounts in many services, such as in my case, then this service will be great for you because you don’t need to register.

It works pretty easy, even a rookie can do it. You only need to enter the user name of your Twitter account and an email (optional), then press the “Analyze My Tweets”. The system will start to operate and collect information from your latest 1,000 tweets and it will generate graphs of the weekdays and time your tweets have greater influence.

In the graph we can see that for me at 10AM EST and Sundays is the time when I reach more people, or at least when my content is ReTweeted.

Link: TweetWhen

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  1. I would also like to share about my tweet scheduling. I schedule my daily tweets first thing in the morning, that’s for whole day. I use a tool for it. I schedule them from 8AM to 11-12MN. I schedule it this way to really spread the tweets throughout the day. If I have a promo, I’ll just alter it a little and post it 4-6x a day in different times.

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