TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

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TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers – Are you a lover of video games? If you are, you will love this. Recently a website was launched where you can watch live transmission of video game battles, or contrary, you can transmit the battles of your favorite games online.

Creator of TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

The site is called Twichtv: Streaming For Gamers and has been created by the founders of For those that are unfamiliar with, it’s one of the most popular services for video broadcast live over the Internet with more than 300 million active users worldwide.

To enter just go to the following address: On the main page you will find the most popular battles that are being transmitted. You may also scroll down where you will find a search bar where you can enter the name of a specific game you may be looking for.

TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

Popular Games at TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

In particular I have searched a bit and found some of the most popular games, such as “Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty”, “Super Street Fighter 4,” “Duke Nukem Forever” and “Call Of Duty: Black Ops.” Although it initially may take a while to load the video (because the internet connection and the number of people viewing the video). But once we are in it we will be able to see the selected battle.

How to Use TwitchTv: Streaming For Gamers

To transmit a game you will need a webcam and a user account (if you already have an account on you can use that) and any of these programs:

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10 Things You Should Not Do on Twitter

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10 Things You Should Not Do on Twitter – In social networks there are many things that are convenient to publish and many other that are not. That is why in this article we show you 10 things that should not post on Twitter.

1 – Gossip:
If they are circulating in the workplace, school, social or private matters, such as infidelity, lies, and so on, it is not appropriate to publish them. Your followers are probably not interested at all and this can significantly harm the person who publishes them. Another important reason why you shouldn’t make this kind of tweets is because companies now analyze the behavior of their employees in social networks. The ideal is to avoid posting gossip tweets on Twitter.

2 – Routines:
Tweeting daily routines, time of departure, arrival times of the gym, work, etc.. is a bad idea, since it is giving too much information. It is preferable to avoid such exposure. The number of criminals who select their victims through social networks is increasing every day and these types of data will come in handy to them.

3 – Intimate Information:
Never say on which business you are doing your shopping, or the name and type of credit cards, in which banks you have accounts, the full name, phone number (home or cell phone, etc.). Be very careful with this kind of information.

4 – Personal Assault:
If you have unresolved issues with someone, Twitter is not the best tool to resolver them. If you know the person it’s not recommended and if you don’t know, much less. It is best to forget any kind of aggression received, ignore them completely, and if the person is really annoying and continue with their attacks and threats, it is best to block them. The attacks are very common in virtual environments, you just have to get used to and ignore.

5 – Constant Tweets:
Constant Tweet are annoying and hurts the “Chronology” of our followers. If you tweet a lot, it is best to wait at least 7 minutes in between tweets. It is not advisable to describe very long situations (football games, ideologies, etc.). That is certainly not of interest, and many “Unfollows” are likely to occur.

6 – Consecutive RT (retweet):
If you have a personal blog, a YouTube channel, an account of phrases for RT, ETC. It is not advisable to Retweet them all the time. This will only demoralize the work done and would harm the “Chronology” of others, it’s not good publicity.

7 – Pornographic Material:
It is not advisable to publish “racy” comments or pornographic material (photos and videos of ourselves or found on the internet). This is a very sensitive issue and we should be very careful, many of our followers can be children.

8 – Geographic Location:
Foursquare is without doubt the most dangerous of social networks. You need to know for sure which people are added to this service and most importantly, what is going to be published on Twitter.

9 – Virtual Journal:
“I’m going to the supermarket to buy milk, be right back” – “I’m back from the supermarket, I met and chatted with a neighbor” – “I’m going to bathe, I’ll be right back” – “Having dinner and watching TV” (… .) Such posts are really unnecessary, boring and annoying. It is not necessary to share every moment of our life in the microblog.

10 – Risky Activities:
Incredibly, some insurance companies in the United States and Europe analyze tweets, considering what kind of places are frequented by customers, mainly to check if their vehicle accidents occurred accordingly to the the places and situations reported.

10 Things You Should Not Do on Twitter
It is very important to know how to use social networks, and if you have the necessary and basic precautions, the experience can be truly wonderful.

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