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How to Get the Best Out of Your Android Smartphone

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Android Smartphone Guide – Android is perhaps one of the newest phone manufacturers, which has been making waves in the market. If you do not have an Android Smartphone, then you need to get one. For those who already have one, then they understand the need to have various insights into the workings of this product. It then becomes imperative for you to understand how to get the best from your Android Smartphone.

In order to get the best out of your Android phone, you should watch out for various key aspects. These tips will ensure that first and foremost you have one of the best Smartphones and then the latter can follow. These essential points, which will enable you to make the most out of such a phone, include:

  • How to get the best Android Smartphone
  • How to get a longer battery life
  • Customizing your Android Smartphone
  • Using your Android Smartphone
How to Get the Best Out of Your Android Smartphone

How to Get the Best Android Smartphone

In order to understand how to get the best from your Android Smartphone, having the best Android Phone is the initial step to such undertaking. With a wide range of Android Phones in the market, it is imperative that one should be able to get the best buy. Such a product should be a combination of features, personal preference and the cost of such a phone. Not all Android phones are created equally and with the different options, choosing the right model is not a walk in the park.

How to Get a Longer Battery Life

Most Android Smartphone are powerful but their battery life is not endless. To extend the battery life of your handset, there are certain tips, which include:

  1. Make sure to disable the adobe flash since it consumes power and battery life.
  2. You can also tweak on the Microsoft exchanger and try to reduce your folder size. This can be done by deleting some mails until a size of 150MB is reached.
  3. Make sure that you regularly update your applications to make sure they are up to date.
How to Get the Best Out of Your Android Smartphone Samung Galaxy S2 II

Customize Your Android Smartphone

You can learn how to get the best from your Android Smartphone if you are able to customize your Smartphone. This may involve changing its look, feel, designing home screens, setting your own sounds and even getting more advanced with the different audio options.

Using Your Android Smartphone

Your Android phone may be used in a wide range of options. These may include as a modem, for business, remote control, from your personal computer. Ability to use all the latter functions will enable you to make more out of your phone.

Do not be left behind, learning these basic tips and know how to get the best from your Android Smartphone.

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  1. “Android is perhaps one of the newest phone manufacturers” I am a bit confused of this phrase… I understand that Android is an Smartphone platform(OS). Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. It is helpful to get the best out of android smartphone. If you buy one and use only one or two of its features then you’re not enjoying your smartphone. It can also be used for business and presentations. A partner indeed! But it all depends on how you use it.

  3. Good article. One more point to increase battery life is to close all open apps properly. Sometimes we start the apps, and forget to close that.

  4. Well, you have the share option and you choose your g-mail account. Then you select all the pictures you want to share and upload them. Every android phone has the option to select several pictures. That is the default setting when you are sharing them anyway, so you do not need to click on them one by one. You select all the pictures you need and click done when you are finished. Naturally, you can also put them on your computer and then upload it, nobody is preventing you from doing so.

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  6. I have been thinking about the phone that I have to purchase as a gift for myself… I think Android smartphone is one that I have to be considered. Thanks for sharing your review…

  7. I enjoyed reading this post… Thank you for sharing the guide in choosing the best one. One thing I know to make the battery life longer is to drain it before charging.

  8. Great article! I actually just switched from Iphone to Android, and I LOVE it so far. Way better then my old iPhone. This definetely helped me with a few things 🙂

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