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Top 20 Bestselling Mobile Phones in History

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Since its birth decades ago mobile phones have not stopped evolving until becoming small portable computers that we use nowadays. But this does not mean that the most advanced equipment are precisely the top sellers.

To figure out which have been the top selling mobile phones in history we must understand that not everyone can spend several hundred dollars in the latest iPhone or the new Android. Therefore, it’s not a surprise to find out that the one on top of the list is a very simple device, the Nokia 1100.

Nokia has three of the five best selling models in history, something very interesting considering that they have lost some of its market to more advanced competitors like Apple and Google.

Another interesting fact is that the first four models have sold nearly as many units as all the teams that follow, all four have exceeded 100 million units and Nokia has three of these models.

Apple is another brand that stands in the list despite having less than a dozen brands in its history, with three models among the best sellers. The statistics show they have sold over 75 million units and the number continues growing. Something interesting to keep in mind is that a recent research study shows that the iPhone 5 is expected to sell as many as 100 million units.

Top Selling Cell Phones
Here are the top selling mobile phones:

1. Nokia 1100 (250.1 million)
2. Nokia 3210 (150 million)
3. Motorola RAZR V3 (130 million)
4. Nokia 3310/3330 (126 million)
5. iPhone 4 (30.3+ million)
6. iPhone 3G (30 million)
7. Samsung S5230 (30+ million)
8. Nokia 2100 (20 million)
9. iPhone 3G (15 million)
10. LG Chocolate (15 million)
11. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (13 million)
12. BlackBerry Pearl (10 million)
13. LG Cookie (KP500) (10 million)
14. Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (10 million)
15. Samsung SGH-D500 (10 million)
16. Samsung E250 (10 million)
17. Samsung SGH-E700 (10 million)
18. Samsung J700 (10 million)
19. Samsung S5230 (10 million)
20. Samsung T-100 (10 million)

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  1. I’m not at all surprised that Nokia is at the top as they’ve always been a popular phone. Sure they’ve lost sales now to phones such as the iPhone but technology being the way it is it’s still anyones market.

  2. I had Nokia 3210 and 3310 long ago, they are the best. They suffered unimaginable torture, shock and water damages but they are still working now. Wonderful and sturdy phones. They can outmatched iPhones on stress test!

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