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Fix Your PC Problems with a Utility Boot Disk and Save Money

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PC maintenance is a great way to keep our computers working like new for years. But most people don’t think about doing any maintenance to their desktop or laptop until something catastrophic happens. When that happens you will most likely end up spending a fortune on repairs, or in the best case scenario you will most likely spend countless hours, days or even weeks trying to find a solution that will make it work. But if you have no idea what you are doing, the situation can get even worse if you delete the wrong files, programs, etc.

There are many reasons that computers may begin to fail: viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware, faulty hardware, not enough memory (RAM), hard drive reached its capacity limit due to countless applications and software programs and/or a lot of files causing it to crash frequently.

In most of the cases the PC won’t completely die. It will probably just work much slower than usual and/or ugly pop-ups will show up constantly. Whatever the cause is, something needs to be done so that you don’t have to keep working at a turtle’s pace. You should still feel a little lucky to be working at such a slow pace, because in some cases the computer looks completely dead.

Just to clarify myself, when I say “computer looks completely dead,” I mean Windows won’t load and you just get a black or a blue screen (most of the times) with some white text on it. Some other times it may not do anything at all. But that does not mean that your PC is completely ruined and that you have to get a new computer.

There are many malicious (viruses, Trojans, etc.) software that can make your Windows software so that it won’t be able to load, and can even make any hardware (screen, keyboard, mouse) to become nonfunctional. That can be the reason why your PC “looks completely dead.”

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The good news is that there are some free utilities available that help us troubleshoot our computer problems. I found a really great disc that contains all utilities in one disk. That way you don’t have to carry them individually, with the need of having to burn over one hundred CDs (it contains over 100 utilities).

And no, it’s not a disk with a bunch of software dumped on it. It’s divided into categories to make our troubleshooting easier. The best thing about this software is that Windows doesn’t even need to be loaded in order to work, because it works offline.

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars or waste hours of your time trying to fix your PC problems, when this troubleshoot boot disk can make it inexpensive and easy if you are willing to spend some of your time to educate yourself on how to use it. Most of these tools are used by professional technician’s!

Best Buy charges $129.99 (fee does not include any hardware or software repairs) just to diagnose computer issues and guess what? Some of the tools they use are included on this disk! This disk is not available in stores and the original is an .iso image file, which means that we need to burn into an actual CD. Otherwise it won’t work.

Download Link: Utility Boot Disk

Or if you want we can send you a physical copy to you and save you all the trouble. You may also want to order a physical copy if you have a slow internet connection, the file is over 300 MB! Simply visit our STORE and select the number of copies you would want and we will ship them to you.

P.S. Let me know if you need help with any of the utility tools and I will see if I can help.

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