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Best Buy Plans to Sell Electric Cars

Bestbuy Electric Cars/Vehicles Sell Plan

With the early development of electric vehicles and hybrids within the different automotive brands and the growing demand for diversification of comprehensive services related to such units, the retailer company selling electronics, Best Buy, wants to participate in the business of selling electric vehicles in the U.S..

Chad Bell, a manager at Best Buy who supervises the efforts of mobility and transportation, said that the company is holding talks with automotive brands to sell electric vehicles with its more than 1,100 stores in the U.S. “We probably have more traffic on a weekend week than in any car dealership in a month.” The benefits for a small automaker would be huge as the retail division would combine a broad network of services.

Bestbuy Electric Cars/Vehicles Sell Plan
On the other side in regard to major automotive brands, Bell notes that Best Buy is holding talks with Ford and Mitsubishi. With these brands the company could teach consumers how to synchronize your Smartphone with the infotainment system of the vehicle or show how to load their units.

Currently, the company is selling Brammo electric motorcycles and has obtained contracts to install power chargers for electric vehicles from Ford and Mitsubishi.

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Chromebooks: Google Introduces a New Kind of Computer

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After many rumors, Google finally announced the Chrome OS and not only that, they also presented the new notebooks manufactured by Samsung. Google described it as a “new kind of computer.”

Focused entirely on the Internet, computing in the cloud, Google put attention to the more than 160 million users of the Chrome Internet browser. Google wants to give them a completely different notebook, fast and accessible from anywhere, with just a 3G connection to the Internet.

ChromeBooks: Google New Kind of Computer
The Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web. It proposes a faster experience, easier and safer without all the headaches of “common” computers.

The computer will not have anything installed locally, everything will be done with applications in the cloud, from the Chrome browser and it won’t consume many of the hardware resources. As a result the Chromebooks will be quick and efficient.

Thanks to the efficiency, Google wants corporate users begin using Chromebooks, especially those companies that already use Google Apps services. Because these notebooks are going to be cheaper and safer, they will save on equipment and technical support specialists.

Google believes that the key to success is in the HTML5, because with it in the future, it’s going to be possible to make applications that will do anything like traditional applications that are currently equipped on all the “common” PC’s that have Windows, Mac or Linux.

The first Chromebooks are going to be available for sale on June 15 in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain and will be initially manufactured by Samsung and Acer.

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