MacBook Pro 2011 Review: Features and Specifications

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MacBook Pro 2011 Review: Features and Specifications – The whole configuration of the MacBook Pro models has been updated by Apple recently. This makes the new MacBook Pro 2011 a new integration of Thunderbolt technology and Sandy Bridge processor and as a result lightening speed transmission is possible. Apple has proved to be an industrial leader again. This MacBook Pro 2011 is available in versions 13, 15 and 17 inches respectively. Apart from the new Sandy Bridge processors, the 15 inch and 17 inch versions are also available with the discreet graphics of AMD Radeon HD 6000. The standard configuration of all latest MBP models takes 4 GB memory.

MacBook Pro 2011 Review: Features and Specifications

Looks of the MacBook Pro 2011

The MacBook Pro 2011 is styled in vogue with its previous generations. It is really difficult to tell a difference between the new and older models. The packing of the gadget is also similar to any other Apple products.

Technical Features of the MacBook Pro 2011

The MBP 2011 is available with 2 disks, one for installing software and the other for system recovery. The later includes Mac OS X10.6.6 and also the Windows version of hardware drivers. This improves the usability for pc users. You can also get videos of how to install the Windows on MBP on the Apple’s official site.


The new MBP comes with the exact same size as the previous ones. Its weight is about 2.5 Kg that is same as carrying two water bottles.

External Interface

Here again there isn’t any significant change to the new model. The same Thunderbolt interface still provides the same transfer protocol to the Display Port and PCI-Express. You can still get 2 high resolution video outputs via one controller and one data line. The infrared interface however has not been abandoned however, it can be used only through its media remote control.

Gadget Cooling Methods

You cannot actually see any cooling holes on MacBook Pro 2011 itself but that doesn’t mean it relies entirely on the passive cooling. You can see the point at which collective and the screen connect. You will find this place get hot when the gadget is working.

Cons of the MacBook Pro 2011

The gadget is still pretty expensive and has only 2 USB ports and there is no Blu-Ray drive.

Summary of the MacBook Pro 2011

Considering the cons, the MacBook Pro 2011 still represents power, portability and excellent battery life we have come to associate with it. The only thing to wait for is the reviews about the Sandy Bridge system.

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