Things about dealguru by askme

August 28, 2014

What used to be a luxury which only few could afford, has indeed become a household requirement, now. Popularity along with rising rivalry has brought down the price of merchandises at lower levels. Hence, working with such terms in line, one of the online sites specifically AskMeBazaar has come up by giving an awesome extravagance and convenience of shopping in the Indian Design. The motive was to better enrich in addition to multiply the attempts of Indian shoppers. Hence, considering [...]

Download askme app and enjoy great deals

August 18, 2014

The efficiency of a Smartphone depends upon the programs the mobile device has, that’s like the more useful and helpful apps a Smartphone has, the easier it is for the user. The popularity and rise of Smartphones is evident everywhere and almost everyone has a Smartphone nowadays. Cellular Telephone fabricates have seen demand to create practical programs that help users cope and manage to take care of issues that affect their day to day lives. What is AskMe? AskMe is [...]

Galaxy S5 Full Review

July 4, 2014

Galaxy S5 looks pretty similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S4.  Galaxy S5 has upgraded specs which are almost identical to any high-end smartphone available in the market. Review- Design- It keeps a very similar design to the S4, exceptions are the size, which was to be enlarged to be able to fit in the 5.1-inch display and the metal bezels are noticeably bigger. The phone’s back is made out of plastic (giving it IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof capability). [...]

LG G3 Analogy on the Teaser Video

May 17, 2014

Since everything about the LG G3 was officially kept hidden before the official teaser video came out; everyone thought rumors and leaks would be the only source to know about it beforehand. The official teaser video was then released and changed many ideas that was generated earlier. And the video seemed like focusing more on the camera; since it started showcasing the camera. That suspicious black sensor-like object right beside the camera lens – everyone is looking for the answer; [...]

Samsung Galaxy S6: The sureshot winner!

May 1, 2014

In recent times, Samsung has the world going crazy over the Galaxy S5, which is being quite well received all over, with its impressive features such as the brilliant display and waterproof capabilities. But this just seems to be the beginning for the South Korean electronics giant, which is the most successful smartphone company in the world. Rumors seem to suggest that this legacy will be continued with the Samsung Galaxy S6 next year, and it will be far better [...]

Why Note 4 Has to Be Bigger, Faster and Thinner

March 14, 2014

The Galaxy S5 has won the many hearts with its features and technology at the recently concluded MWC in Barcelona, Spain. The Samsung has now got the trick of leaving people amazed with their jaws touching the ground and dreaming to owe one of the devices from them. Now, on the April 11th the Galaxy S5 will be in the hand of people from the 150 countries of the world. After the launch of Galaxy S5, the Samsung will start [...]

Are Laptops Being Overtaken By Tablets?

February 17, 2014

The tablet computer has been around from as early as 2000, with Microsoft first proposing the idea to make computing even more portable than the current trend of the time which was the laptop. Although, it was fair to say that no one really cared about tablets up until as late as April of 2010 when Apple released their very first iPad. Apple still continues to be the market leader of tablet computing even still to this day. Ever since [...]

Speculations Surrounding iOS 8

February 11, 2014

Apple’s next generation Operating System for smartphone and tablets i.e. iOS 8 is going to get released this year and thus news about the rumoured features of iOS 8is buzzing in the air. The tech geeks are all the more excited about iOS 8 because the Tim Cook, the CEO of this giant mobile manufacturing brand has confirmed time and again that Apple has ‘big plans’ for the year 2014. Rumors has it the iOS 8 development project has been [...]

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