What the Roku Express+ Has To Offer Older TV Sets

What the Roku Express+ Has To Offer Older TV Sets

One of the biggest problems that come with many streaming and set-top box devices is that they are designed to use with more modern television sets in mind. These include TV sets that can handle HDMI ports.

Needless to say, an older standard definition television set that might have been upgraded to receive digital signals would not be able to handle many of these devices. But Roku has resolved this issue by offering a special receiver that can work on those older TV sets. This unit is called the Roku Express+.

The Roku Express+ is a special gadget compatible with both HDMI ports and composite A/V ports. This is ideal for those who are new to such streaming devices and need something special to work with. It is also great for people who are familiar with how Roku works, but need something for a secondary television set in the house.

How The Roku Express+ is Designed

The Roku Express+ is laid out with a small rectangular body similar to what the regular Roku unit has. At about 1.3 ounces in weight, it is easy to add to your television set.

There are three small ports on the side of the unit. An A/V out port is included alongside an HDMI port. The third port is used to power up the unit.

Roku Express Plus Ports

An HDMI cable and a separate composite cable are both included with the Roku Express+, thus ensuring you have everything you need to the unit up and running. The red/white/yellow composite cable will go into the appropriate audio and video ports to ensure the unit is ready to use.

Quality Signals

The signals produced by the Roku Express Plus are detailed and ensure great picture & sound quality. This works with 480i, 720p and 1080p outputs to give you a good view, or at least whatever the best possible view on your older set might be.

The audio quality is exceptionally strong. The unit produces digital stereo sounds over the HDMI link and DTS Digital Surround support when the HDMI setup is used. For older television sets, the unit will produce the basic sounds that the television unit can handle. But it can still do well to produce clear sound that your older set can still manage.

How About a Wireless Link?

All you need to get the Roku ready to work is an appropriate Wi-Fi signal. It supports 802.11b/g/n signals and has WPA and WPA2 support. The unit works well for getting signals, but like with any other similar device this needs to work with a clear link to a Wi-Fi generator. Fortunately, it can identify the nearest Wi-Fi signal in the area and prioritize that as the one you wish to use when setting it up. You should still check and see that the signals you are getting are strong enough and can actually work with your device.

Getting Online

To use Roku Express+, you will have to get an appropriate Roku account set up. Fortunately, it is free to do when you get your contact information and login data added through the unit with an online setup. This process also allows you to quickly set up any accounts you have with streaming services. The layout of the setup makes it easier for you to get ready to work online with anything you want to stream.

Roku Express+ - All the Programs You Love

All the Programs You Love

The Roku Express+ has a good interface that links you up to all the programs that you want to enjoy. Get access to all the channels, movies, shows and other things of interest to you through the program. You can view live streaming and on-demand channels from around the country, as well as channels in your local area through this unit.

The programming offered by Roku includes stuff from all sorts of services like Pandora, YouTube, Crackle and many others. You can also get access to various streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime Video and DirecTV Now. It does cost extra to get a subscription to one of these services.

Roku Express+ can also work with any cable or satellite packages you have. You can connect your account up with various streaming networks like Watch ESPN, CNN Go, FX Now and Nickelodeon On Demand, among others. The simplicity of linking your service provider account to Roku Express+ is easy to follow and enjoy.

What About the Controller?

You will need to use the standard Roku controller to get Roku Express+ to work for you. Fortunately, the setup is easy to use. It offers a basic layout with large buttons with all the basic controls you need to use. It even has small buttons for Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Sling. You only need two AAA batteries to use it.

What the Roku Express+ Has To Offer Older TV Sets

Final Verdict

The attractive design of the Roku Express Plus makes it an outstanding device to have in your home. It works well with various television sets, but it is best for use on any older TV sets you have. Take a look at how well the Roku Express+ can be used for your entertainment demands.

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