Thermaltake Jing Adds Design and Color to Your Computer

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Thermaltake Jing Adds Design and Color to Your Computer – The vast majority of desktop computers could be labeled as something dull. They use flat colors, usually dark, and it is difficult to find a PC that catches our attention. There are exceptions, of course, but they are minimal.

Thermaltake Jing Offers Quality and Design

In the last decade companies have tried to change this situation by offering, among other things, the side boxes with transparent components and colorful LED lights. Themaltake Jing, the unique fan + heatsink combo you have below, aims to offer something different and to do so it combines quality and design in the cooling of our computer. It is worth noting the colors green and white, I personally have never seen a computer with something similar inside. It also has a red LED that adds more lighting details.

Thermaltake Jing Adds Design and Color to Your Computer

Price and Support of Thermaltake Jing

Thermaltake Jing is available at a price of 60 dollars, including two 12 cm fans, each provides a flow of air between 37 and 42 CFM (Cubic foot per minute, cubic feet per minute). It supports almost all current sockets of desktop computers, both Intel and AMD, and it is an interesting option if you want to bring a touch of color to your desktop.

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