Dell Profesional P2411H 24″ Monitor With LED Details

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This monitor P2411H from Dell stands out for its design and its advanced standing. Shows a true 24-inch diagonal screen, while many other models announced to have a diagonal size of 23.6 inches. This product is more expensive, but it is more ergonomic and better equipped. This monitor comes with LED back lighting benefits. And part of the new trend: the gradual disappearance of the retro neon lighting.

Its price is about $ 80 higher than average. But before complaining about the price we have to see the reasons for it. The finish is solid, plastics are of good quality, with a frugal and efficient overall design. The display can be manipulated easily without any strange noises and without any impression of fragility. In short, you can see that the quality is very good.

Dell P2411H

This monitor suffers from one serious fault: lack of an HDMI or Display Ports. Despite the presence of two USB ports on the side of the screen, it lacks of Display ports. Only one DVI port and a VGA port, nothing to connect the various digital sources available today.

Technically, this LCD monitor is almost perfect. The response time is very short (5.7 ms for a round trip between white and black). Grey appear well proportioned and the colors are relatively faithful to be a simple screen technology TN (Twisted Nematic). The contrast ratio is a 1 047:1 (average of nine points) with the factory settings, but the colors are not as accurate as they could.

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  1. The monitor is really sharp. I have been really impressed with the offering of dell and their monitors lately. Very sharp and very reasonably priced.

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