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Music CDs are becoming obsolete and today it is quite annoying to have to go with these discs wherever we go. In the other hand, MP3 players are much smaller in size and they able to play on mobile phones, car stereos, other music players. Now you can even save them in the cloud, which means that you can have access to them wherever there is an internet connection.

CDex Portable CD to MP3
If you are one of those tired of having to carry CDs from place to place, today we will show you a handy tool called CDex Portable. Portable CDex gives us the option to convert tracks from an audio CD to MP3 format in order to have greater comfort, and all this very easily and it is done in seconds.

But it is also a portable application, so it doesn’t need to be installed in order for you to use it. It can run from a memory stick or a portable player.

Link: Portable CDex

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